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Requesting Items

Requesting / Reserving Materials through the Catalog

Requests may be made online, by phone or in person at your neighborhood library. Please be sure to select the particular library where you wish to have the item delivered.

Visit our catalog page and make your selection.

  • To request by phone, please call 412-622-3114 or your direct local library.
  • To request online, make your selection from the catalog and click on the Request button. You will be asked to enter your library card number and PIN and which library location where you would like to pick up your item.
Please note that items have different statuses to indicate their availability. You can still reserve any item in the catalog but may have to wait until it is returned, repaired, delivered, or otherwise ready for you. More detailed information about requesting items is provided in the Catalog.

You will be notified when your reserved item is ready for pick up by either an automated phone message or by email. If you are monitoring your account online, you should wait until the item’s status says: READY FOR PICK-UP.

(Please note that AVAILABLE simply means the item is on the shelf and awaiting to be pulled for your request. It is NOT yet available on the holds shelf for you.)

We recommend that you wait until you receive the actual email or phone call notification before coming in to retrieve your reserved item. If your account indicates it is now READY FOR PICKUP and you have not yet received your notice, you should wait a minimum of three hours before visiting the library to pick up your item. You may try calling your library pick-up location to see if the item has arrived on the Holds Shelf for you.

Freezing / Suspending Holds

You are now able to freeze your holds when you go on vacation or want to postpone a request. When you freeze a hold, you keep your place in the queue, but your hold will not be filled while it is frozen.

>> Intructions for Freezing / Suspending Holds


InterLibrary Loan

If you cannot find an item in our county-wide catalog, you may request an interlibrary loan online by logging into our new ILLiad system. For more information, please see the InterLibrary Loan Frequently Asked Questions page.

In order to ensure that you will receive notifications from the Interlibrary Loan Office regarding your requests, please be sure that your spam filters accept mail from:

The ILL Center must also begin charging for interlibrary loans lent to out-of-state customers which may limit the number of items that can be obtained free from out-of-state locations for our customers. Items borrowed and lent within PA will remain free of charge.

For other libraries requesting loans from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, please see our InterLibrary Loan Lending Policies to Other Libraries.


Depository Requests

Pre-1970 journals and some reference materials including government documents from the Main Library's collections are housed off-site at the Carnegie Library Depository located at the East Liberty Library. These reference materials include books and most pre-1970 periodical titles. They are listed in The Catalog with a location of "Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Off Site Storage (Please ask for assistance)".

To access materials held at the Depository you must make arrangements in advance by consulting with a Librarian at any location. The Librarian will assist you in requesting access to Depository materials, indicating at which location you wish to view the materials: CLP - Main in Oakland or CLP - East Liberty. Because of the arrangement and condition of these materials, spontaneous and walk-in requests cannot be accommodated.

Once your request has been submitted, the materials will usually be available within a week to ten days at the Main Library in the Microfilm & Photocopy Department or at East Liberty. You will be notified by email or by phone when the items are available for your use. In some cases, photocopying of Depository items may be restricted or prohibited because of condition.

Please note that your personal information is protected by the terms of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's privacy policy.


PhotoCopy Requests

Phone: 412.622.3142
Fax: 412.621.1267

Photocopy orders can be placed by telephone, mail, or FAX.
$1.00 per page (minimum charge of $6.00)
$5.00 handling fee per order, per day
$5.00 FAX charge per order
7 percent local sales tax (if applicable)
postage (determined by weight)

For receiving PDF formats please be sure that your spam filters accept mail from: Customers must ensure that their email or inbox can accommodate the attachment capacity.

Orders are filled on a same day basis. (Items in storage may take longer.)

Please call 412.622.3142 or FAX: 412.621.1267


Suggest a Purchase

If you would like to suggest the purchase of a book, magazine, CD or DVD that CLP does not have, you may fill out the Suggest a Purchase form that is found on the Catalog website under "Search Tips?".