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Late Fees on Children's Materials

January 1, 2010 starts a new year and new late fees on children's materials at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

  • Late fees on all children's books and materials borrowed after Jan. 1 will be $.20 a day for each item
  • Late fees apply to children's materials checked out on any library card
  • You can borrow books for 3 weeks and also have two renewals
  • Renew materials by phone (412.622.1895), on-line, or in the library
  • Fines can be paid on-line with Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card if you owe more than $2


  1. Why is the library charging fines on children's materials? When the library hosted the community information forums about the library budget, the community felt that everyone should share the burden of supporting the library budget crisis. Other fees will be increased, as well as reinstating fines on children's materials.
  2. What about books that I borrowed in December and return late in January? You will only be charged fines on the books that were borrowed after Jan 1, 2010.
  3. What if my child cannot pay his/her fines?
    Please talk with your neighborhood children's librarian, and see what can be worked out. The most important thing is returning the books to the library.
  4. How can I avoid paying late fees?