Alcohol & Drugs

It can make you feel 100 feet tall, powerful, attractive. It can also ruin your life. If you think you, a friend, or a family member have a problem with drugs or alcohol one of these resources might help.

  • Above the Influence
    Videos, quizzes and forums to help teens learn about and cope with drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Alanon and Alateen
    National website for the family and friends of alcoholics.
  • Check Yourself
    Message boards, quizzes and other tools teens can use to check their own relationships with drugs or alcohol.
  • NIDA for Teens: The Science Behind Drug Abuse
    The National Institute on Drug Abuse has collected information on drugs, quizzes and real-life stories in this site for teens.
  • Quit For Life
    This Canadian website will teach you about the dangers of smoking.
  • The Truth Learn the truth about tobacco, and get the help you need to quit.