Teens have a lot to think about: school, staying safe, relationships, money, the environment and so much more. The resources on these pages will help you navigate the rocky road to adulthood.

  • Teen Central
    Help and information about being a teenager, written by teens for teens.
  • Info for Teens
    Planned Parenthood's site for teens offers information on all aspects of teen life.
Alcohol & Drugs

It can make you feel 100 feet tall, powerful, attractive. It can also ruin your life. If you think you, a friend, or a family member have a problem with drugs or alcohol one of these resources might help.

  • Above the Influence
    Videos, quizzes and forums to help teens learn about and cope with drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Alanon and Alateen
    National website for the family and friends of alcoholics.
  • Check Yourself
    Message boards, quizzes and other tools teens can use to check their own relationships with drugs or alcohol.
  • NIDA for Teens: The Science Behind Drug Abuse
    The National Institute on Drug Abuse has collected information on drugs, quizzes and real-life stories in this site for teens.
  • Quit For Life
    This Canadian website will teach you about the dangers of smoking.
  • The Truth Learn the truth about tobacco, and get the help you need to quit.
Getting Around

These days, it's not about the destination - the journey's the important thing. How you get around can say a lot about you. However you get there, these resources will help you arrive safely.


  • Crossroads
    Stories about teens driving.
  • Driving Skills for Life
    Provides online learning experiences for teens. Practice skills, take a quiz, even win prizes. Even includes a section to help your parents teach you how to drive!
  • Google Maps
    Need directions? Google Map provides detailed, step by step directions. You can even use "streetview" to find landmarks!
  • Pennsylvania Drivers Manual
    Full text. Online. Searchable. The real deal.
  • Teen Driving
    A site full of tips for new drivers. Help for driving in bad weather, parallel parking and buying a used car can be found here.

Public Transportation

  • Port Authority
    Find city bus schedules, routes and more on the Port Authorities website.
  • Google Transit
    Put in your starting point and destination and Google will tell you how to get there! It will even provide walking directions to the closest bus stop.
  • Greyhound
    Have farther to go? Greyhound's been helping people get "on their way" for almost 100 years.

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered or Questioning? Then these resources might be for you.

Web Sites

  • Ambient Joven
    Un proyecto por los jovenes gay, lesbiana, bisexual, y transexual, dónde puedes locar información sobre tu salud sexual y mental, y las cultura.
  • Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere
    This national movement of teens with GLBTQ parents offers news, resources, support, and more.
  • Dreams of Hope
    Through the power of the arts, Dreams of Hope provides the region's LGBT and allied youth a welcoming environment to grow in confidence, express themselves and develop as leaders. Their creative contributions educate audiences, build awareness and increase acceptance.
  • The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Pittsburgh
    The GLCC is Pittsburgh's hub for GLBTQ happenings and can connect you with resources or new friends through its local youth nights.
  • GenderYOUTH Network
    GenderYOUTH is an organization of youth working to improve the way their classrooms and communities respond to all forms of gender expression.
  • GLBTQ: An Encyclopedia of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Culture
    The GLBTQ encyclopedia is an ever-growing place of information about GLBTQ people and events throughout history.
  • GLSEN Pittsburgh
    Pittsburgh’s Chapter of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education network is your place to go when you want to make a difference in your school, whether by forming a GSA or celebrating the Day of Silence.
  • It Gets Better Project
    Many LGBT youth can't picture what their lives might be like as openly gay adults. They can't imagine a future for themselves. But the It Gets Better project shows them through thousands of user videos that it really does get better.
    Check out the new GLBTQ network from MTV, featuring news, entertainment, and more.
  • National Youth Advocacy Coalition
    The National Youth Advocacy Coalition (NYAC) is designed to provide GLBTQ teens with resources, information, and opportunities to work toward social justice.
  • Oasis Journals
    This site is a writing community strictly for GLBTQ teens. Showcase your creativity and comment on other people’s essays and poetry!
  • The Persad Center
    The Persad Center is one of America’s oldest GLBTQ counseling centers and sponsors fun activities through its Queer Youth Connections program.
  • PFLAG Pittsburgh
    Helping provide information and mutual support to the families and friends of GLBTQ Pittsburgh teens.
  • The Point Foundation
    The Point Foundation offers scholarship awards to GLBTQ teens who’ve shown special academic in the midst of struggles related to their sexuality, gender orientation, or gender expression.
  • Safe Schools Coalition YOUTH Pages
    The Safe Schools Coalition offers you loads of great resources for GLBTQ teens, from addiction to scholarships.
  • The Trevor Project
    The Trevor Project operates the only nationwide, around-the-clock suicide prevention helpline for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth. Every day, The Trevor Project saves lives though its free and confidential helpline, its website and its educational services.
  • Youth Resource
    A website by and for GLBTQ teens, Youth Resource offers information about sexual health and other important issues.
Go Green

Everyone's talking about global warming, greenhouse gasses and climate control. There's no doubt that our environment's important. These resources will help you find things that you can do to help the Earth.

  • Buy Local PA
    Go green by buying local! Eating food raised and grown locally not only means you're eating fresher food but you're also saving the environment by lowering your carbon footprint.
  • Go Green Initiative
    Is your school green? The Go Green Initiative is a program designed to bring environmental responsibility into the classroom. Find out how to help your school go green!
  • High School Environmental Center
    Everything you ever wanted to know about the environment.
  • Humane Teen
    "Your voice is their voice...make it heard." Resources for students from the Humane Society.
  • Planet Green
    Meet environmentalists and learn how you can help the earth.
  • Teen for Planet Earth
    A social networking site for teens who care about the environment. Meet other teens who care about the same things you do, join a project team, or just learn more about the issues.
  • Vegetarian Teen
    Recipes, activism and more.
  • Your Environment. Your Choice.
    Tips, games and more from the Environmental Protection Agency.
Health & Safety

Staying safe and healthy, mentally and physically, is probably the most important thing you can do. These websites will help you stay strong, answer your questions, and give you resources to cope if something does go wrong.

Health and Fitness

  • bodimojo
    Body+Motivation+Journey=bodimojo, which focuses on body confidence through interactive social network connections to help you stay motivated in your health goals. Website includes health articles, quizzes, games, and even an app with a free BMI dashboard and health tracker.
  • The Cool Spot
    This website provides important information to teens about the risks involved in alcohol abuse and peer pressure.
  • Girl's Health
    Maintained by the Office on Women's Health, this site provides information for girls between the ages of 10 and 16.
  • Go Ask Alice!
    Need honest answers? Go Ask Alice, a question and answer resource produced by Columbia University.
  • Scarleteen: Sex Ed for the Real World
    This website gives real world sex ed information for teens and 20s with no judgements.
  • Seriously Sexuality
    Get information on how to practice safe sex, how to communicate with your partner and what to do if you feel you are being sexually abused.
  • Spark Teens
    Do you want help and motivation to eat right and get fit? Spark Teens might be right for you!
  • TeensHealth
    Information on physical and mental health in easy-to-understand articles.

Mental Health

*Many of the above websites also deal with mental health. Here are some resources for more specific problems or concerns*


  • NSTeens
    Do you know how much information it's safe to give out?
  • RespectRX: Self Defense
    Learn simple ways to protect yourself.
  • That's Not Cool
    Your cell phone, IM and social networks are extensions of who you are. If people are making you feel uncomfortable online, that's not cool.
Higher Education

There is life after high school. These websites can help you find out what that life might entail.

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
Check out the library's extensive collection of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) educational resources!

  • America's Best Colleges
    Each year, the U.S. News and World Report ranks the best colleges in the country. Find this year's list here.
  • College Board
    Information on the dreaded SAT.
  • College Bound
    Search for colleges, universities and trade school; get advice on financial aid; and much more!
  • Next Step U
    What's your plan after high school? This site will help you figure it out.
  • Petersons.com - The Education and Career Center
    This website contains listings of colleges, graduate schools, distance learning, studying abroad opportunities, and gives you the ability to apply for college online for many schools.
  • Pittsburgh Promise
    If you've attended Pittsburgh Public Schools from 9th to 12th grades, have a 2.5 GPA and 90% attendance record, you may be eligible for a scholarship of up to %5,000 to go towards tuition and expenses at a Pennsylvania college or university.
  • Student Aid on the Web
    A comprehensive guide to federal funding for education.
  • FAFSA on the Web
    This is THE FORM you'll need to start the federal financial aid process! Check here for deadlines, eligibility, and school codes, plus the all-important form.
Jobs & Careers

Whether you're looking to earn some cash for college or trying to figure out what to do with the rest of your life, these resources will help you find your perfect fit.

Job, Career and Education Center (JCEC)
The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's JCEC can help you find information about jobs in Pittsburgh, provide you with resources to help choose a career or give you information about colleges. Check out their website for more information about their resources and services, especially Pittsburgh jobs.

STEM Careers: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
Check out the library's extensive collection of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) career educational resources!


  • Snagajob
    Looking for an after-school or summer job? Just put your zip code into this database to find hourly jobs near you.
  • CampJobs
    Search by type of camp job, or region, great place to find a summercamp job.
  • JobCorps
    Learn a trade, get your GED or even take college courses in this program for young adults.
  • YouthWorks
    Come into Pittburgh's YouthWorks to explore careers, gain workplace skills, or find a job.


  • Next Step U
    What's your plan after high school? This site will help you figure it out.
  • CareerKey
    This website features a personality test, career descriptions and even videos that show "real people doing real work."
  • College Board: Majors & Careers Profiles
    Find the pathway to your chosen career.
  • My Future
    What's in your future? College? A career? Maybe the military? This site will help you figure out if the military's the right choice for you.
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook
    Think you know what you want to be when you grow up? This site will tell you what you need to study, where to go to school, how much you'll earn and more about every career from accountant to zoologist.
Middle School Magnet Program

Resources for students and families applying to the Pittsburgh Public School Magnet Program, incoming grades 6-8. Please click on the links below to find information on each topic. For more resources, please ask a librarian.


Money makes the world go 'round, and in today's economy understanding how it works is more important than ever. If you need help understanding savings, investments and credit, you can get started with one of these sites.

On & Off the Streets

Crashing on a friend's couch or in the back seat of a car? Trying to find a way out of a bad living situation? Gotten into a jam and need some help? One of these resources could give you what you need. Looking to read some fiction on the same topic? Check out the Runaway booklist.

  • Children of the Night
    This nonprofit organization is dedicated to assisting children between the ages of 11 and 17 who are forced to prostitute on the streets for food to eat and a place to sleep.
  • Covenant House
    Covenant House International is the largest privately-funded agency in the Americas providing shelter and other services to homeless, runaway and throwaway youth.
  • FamilyLinks
    A local organization that provides services from mental health treatment to emergency shelter.
  • National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness
    Educates, engages and trains students to meet basic human needs.
  • Roaddawgz
    Empowers homeless teens to succeed beyond what they believe possible.
  • Runaway Teens.org
    Educates teenagers about the risks they face in today's world.
  • Stand Up for Kids
    Every day, Stand Up for Kids helps homeless kids and teens across America. They'll help you to, if you ask.
  • Three Rivers Youth
    Nowhere to go? This local organization can help.

You can make a difference in your world. Vote, get involved, and stand up for what you believe in.

  • Do Something
    Find your cause and find out how to get involved. You have the power.
  • Humane Teen
    "Your voice is their voice…make it heard."
  • Justice Learning
    Learn about our nation's government and the issues that are important to you.
  • Rock the Vote
    Register to vote, learn about politics, and find ways to help at this site designed for teens and young adults.
  • Student Voices
    Act. Speak. Vote. Let your voice be heard.
  • Teen Activist
    Do you volunteer, protest, advocate or mobilize? Are you ready to start? Then this is the place for you.
  • The White House
    What's our government up to? Find out from the source.
  • Youth Noise
    A social network designed to help you make a difference.
Pregnancy & Parenthood

If you are pregnant - or already a parent -- and don't know where to turn or what to do, perhaps these sites can help.

Teen Pregnancy and Parenthood: Fiction
What would you do if you, your girlfriend or a friend was pregnant? These titles explore some choices teens make.
Teen Pregnancy and Parenthood: Nonfiction
What would you do if you, your girlfriend or your friend was pregnant? These nonfiction books explore some tough choices teens can make.
  • Adoption.com
    If you are pregnant and considering adoption, this site has a section to ask doctors, nurses, and attorneys questions, information on selecting an adoption agency, a free video to help you make your decision, and much more.
  • Allegheny Reproductive Health Center
    Services include abortion, both surgical and non-surgical, Morning After Treatment, contraceptive care, free pregnancy testing, treatment for sexually transmitted disease and routine gynecological exams.
  • Genesis
    A maternity care, adoption and social service agency.
  • Healthy Start
    Pregnant? Make sure you and your baby get prenatal care! Healthy Start can help.
  • The Midwife Center
    The Midwife Center for Birth & Women's Health is southwestern Pennsylvania's only licensed and accredited freestanding birth center offering well woman gynecological care, prenatal care and childbirth in a warm and supportive birth center.
  • Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania
    Planned Parenthood provides pregnancy testing and counseling as well as other women's health care services.
  • Planned Parenthood's Info for Teens
    Planned Parenthood's site for teens.
  • Teenage Parent
    This site will teach what it's like to be a teen parent and give you advice on how to cope.
  • text4baby
    "Get support throughout your pregnancy and your baby's first year with free text messages on topics like prenatal care, baby health, parenting & more.

Girlfriends, boyfriends, parents, siblings, teachers - your lives are filled with relationships. What do you do if those relationships get rocky? How can you tell if you're in a healthy relationship or if something needs to change?


Web Sites

  • Bam! Guide to Getting Along
    What should you do when someone takes your seat or shoves you in line; or someone asks you to do something you don't want to do? This guide can help.
  • Family Services of Western Pennsylvania
    Family Services of Western Pennsylvania, a human service agency, is dedicated to fostering the capacities and skills in families and individuals to direct their lives and help to create a productive, caring community.
  • Healthy Relationships: a Guide for Teens
    Learn about what makes a healthy relationship, be it within or outside your family.
  • Heather's Voice
    Heather was 20 years old when she was murdered by her boyfriend. This site tells her story and gives other victims of domestic violence a place to tell theirs.
  • Love is Respect
    The National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline's site is full of information to help you form a healthy relationship, or get out of a dangerous one.
  • Teen Relationships
    You deserve a healthy relationship. Learn what that means and how to identify an unhealthy relationship.
  • TeensHealth: Date Rape
    What is it, how can you avoid it, and what should you do if it happens to you?
  • That's Not Cool
    Your cell phone, IM and social networks are extensions of who you are. If people are making you feel uncomfortable online, that's not cool.
Sex & Sexuality

Don't worry…everyone's thinking about it, but not everybody's doing it. These websites will give you the information to help you make the choices that are right for you.

  • "Sex Is..." booklist from YALSA's Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults 2008
  • GO ASK Alice!
    Go here for real questions & answers about sex, sexual health, and relationships from a team at Columbia University.
  • Midwest Teen Sex Show
    On this informative podcast, listen to real teens talking about the sex topics affecting you today.
  • My Sistahs
    Learn more about sexual and reproductive health issues facing young African American, Latina, and Asian women, and find support in the voices who've already experienced them.
  • Planned Parenthood's Info for Teens
    Sponsored by the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, this site covers an amazing amount of information including birth control, sexual questions, abortion, pregnancy, all specifically geared for teens.
  • Scarleteen
    This is the kind of sex ed that will give you the tools to make healthy, happy choices about your sex life.
  • Sex etc.
    "Sex etc." is for teens, by teens-about the things that you want to know.
  • Youth Lounge - Advocates for Youth
    Advocates for Youth offer you opportunities for information, advocacy, and activism about all things teen sex and sexuality.
Violence, Abuse and Bullying

Gangs, abuse, bullying: teens are sometimes faced with violence in their lives. Here are resources to help you deal when people want to hurt you.

  • Bam! Guide to Getting Along
    What should you do when someone takes your seat or shoves you in line; or someone asks you to do something you don't want to do? This guide can help.
  • Heather's Voice
    Heather was 20 years old when she was murdered by her boyfriend. This site tells her story and gives other victims of domestic violence a place to tell theirs.
  • Love is Respect
    The National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline's site is full of information to help you form a healthy relationship, or get out of a dangerous one.
  • MedlinePlus: Teen Violence
    Articles and other resources about teen violence.
  • RespectRX: Self Defense
    Learn simple ways to protect yourself.
  • STOP Cyberbullying
    Bullying doesn't have to be physical - it can be done online as well. Find out about cyberbullying here.
  • Stop Bullying Now!
    Are you being bullied? Are you a bully? Find out how to stop it.
  • Teens Against Gang Violence
    TAGV empowers youth leaders by providing them with the knowledge and tools to educate others about non-violence.
  • TeensHealth: Someone at School Has a Weapon
    You see it, or you hear about it. What should you do?
  • That's Not Cool
    Your cell phone, IM and social networks are extensions of who you are. If people are making you feel uncomfortable online, that's not cool.

You know you want to help your community, but you're not sure how. Sometimes, the best way to find volunteer opportunities is just to ask! Find a local organization you care about and ask if you can help. If you're not sure where to start, however, here are some ideas to get you started.