Do you play an instrument, sing, or create electronic music? Do you like to put your headphones on and forget the rest of the world exists? Music is all around us…embrace the noise.

Music in Pittsburgh

General Music Resources

  • All-Music Guide
    Search for your favorite music by artist, album, song, style, label. Gives bio & discography info. Also an interactive review form.
  • Artist Direct
    Search by music type or group. News on music industry events.
  • Lyrics.com
    What did they just say?!? Never wonder about the words of your favorite songs again.
  • MTV Online
    Music videos, reality TV shows, and more.
  • Pandora
    Create your own internet radio station by putting in your favorites. Pandora will play those, but also use information about that music to find other things you might enjoy.
  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
    Information about the hall in Cleveland - but much, much more including tidbits of info about your favorite rock stars, chat rooms, and music clips.
  • Yahoo! Music
    Review albums, download free music and more.