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About The Labs

The Labs is Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's teen-only creative technology program. Currently located in three CLP locations, The Labs provides teenagers with access to equipment, software, and trained artist mentors in an innovative learning environment with the focus on creativity and creation. Mentors provide teens with the level of assistance they need in order to create something new. The Labs invites teens of all skill levels to take part on a walk-in basis.

We have two kinds of sessions:

  • Workshops - Mentors lead project-based workshops drawing on the interests of teens in the space, providing software and equipment tutorials when necessary. Workshops are informal, fun, and drop-in friendly.
  • Open Lab - Teens get a chance to try new things by messing around with software and equipment. Open Lab is your studio time.

Beginning in the Fall of 2014, The Labs visits a different CLP location each week for pop-up Labs on Location programming. Ask your local library Teen Specialist about when The Labs will visit your location.

The Labs @ CLP is available to our teen patrons in grades 6-12.
Want to know more? Ask a teen librarian to get started or e-mail thelabs@carnegielibrary.org for more info.

The Labs Locations and Hours

Visit The Labs at three library locations:

The Labs @ CLP - Main (Oakland)
Tuesday: WORKSHOP, 4 - 6 pm
Wednesday: OPEN LAB, 4 - 6 pm

The Labs @ CLP - Allegheny
Tuesday: WORKSHOP, 4 - 6 pm
Wednesday: OPEN LAB, 4 - 6 pm

The Labs @ CLP - East Liberty
Wednesday: WORKSHOP, 4 - 6 pm
Thursday: OPEN LAB, 4 - 6 pm



Need help getting started? Let one of our knowledgeable mentors assist you! Whether you're new to digital media or a seasoned expert, mentors can help you create or just share ideas. Mentors lead weekly workshops, but are also be available to help you learn how to use The Labs' software and equipment for projects big or small, from school assignments to your own works of art. Just ask!

The Labs @ CLP mentors

I'm the Digital Learning Librarian for Teen Services, but I love things that aren't digital, too. I've always been a big reader (comics, memoir, and a lot of books with elements of sci-fi and fantasy). In The Labs, I enjoy working with video, photography, and stop-motion the most. I think the library is a great place to learn all about the things you love as well as a place to discover the next thing you'll fall for.

I'm a dabbler: a writer, printmaker, weaver, sometimes performer, musician and tinkerer, trying to sew together a world that sounds like justice and feels like a surprise party. Whatever it is that you're into, I'm excited to learn about it and work on projects together. Come find me!

I like a bit of everything; I'm a musician, a writer, an improviser, a cartoonist and a composer! I love projects that bring my various interests together.

I create in a lot of different ways ā€“ I write, I make music, I draw and design (both by hand and using software), I act on stage and screen ā€“ and I'm always looking for new ways to be creative.

I'm interested in cartoons, electronics, computers, and also everything! If you want to try out any Labs tool or just mess around with pen and paper, I'm excited to explore with you.

I am an explorer of creative avenues. I paint, write, sing, strum ukulele and collect odd moments I find in daily life using my phone. Screen capture collage, comedy PowerPoint performance and desktop video are all things I enjoy. Iā€™m excited to learn more of the endless ways to be creative in The Labs!

CLP - Allegheny teen staff

I love traditional crafting, making my own birthday cards, tinkering with power tools and basic woodworking. None of which I do well!

I love observing the world and learning how things work. Seeing things from different angles helps, so I try find new ways to look at the things around me. Hanging from a cliff, pedaling around town, floating down a river, every perspective has value.

When not at the library, I can mostly be found reading and writing, riding and fixing bikes, and listening to, mixing, and making electronic music. I love being able to teach people what I know, but I also love being able to learn more about what I don't know - I'm lucky to be able to do both these things with the LABS!

I like to play with technology, to see what I can make it do. I enjoy challenging myself to learn what's new. I'm also a pretty good cook.

CLP - East Liberty teen staff

I like to do all the things: video games, film (especially stop-motion!), music, electronics, robotics...you name it! And if I haven't done it before I want to learn. Sure I might fail a few times, but it's worth it when I get that "Eureka!" moment, everything clicks and I gain a new skill.

Creating things for the joy and work of creating is something that keeps me happy. I sing, play accordion, doodle, knit, and write poetry.

I enjoy designing: digitally and physically. I'm a music maker, I draw, design, and make art! I know a lot of tricks, but don't know everything. Let's figure the rest out together.

CLP - Main teen staff

I'm a digital DJ and producer of electronic music who's always looking for--and rarely finding--ways to make the infinite possibilities of creativity a little less daunting

I love all things crafty -- whether it's transforming a t-shirt into a tote bag or upcycling a book into an origami design, I enjoy finding new and creative uses for existing materials or resources. I learn by doing, but also know my way around some handy tutorials, so drop in for a program or just to mess around and learn a new skill!

I love books, being outside, and fixing up my 125 year old house. In the perfect culmination of these interests, I built a deck to have somewhere to sit in the sunshine and read. My favorite tool is a circular saw.

Teen Services Coordinator

I'm a maker, experimental baker, epic letter writer, cross-stitcher, furniture refinisher and backyard farmer. While my activities tend to be a bit more analog, I look forward to tinkering alongside you in The Labs.

The Labs @ CLP was made possible through funding from The Fine Foundation, The Grable Foundation, Google Pittsburgh, The Heinz Endowments, The Laurel Foundation, Snee-Reinhardt Charitable Foundation, U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services and John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.