The Library will close at 5 pm on Friday, July 3 and will remain closed on Saturday, July 4, 2015

Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s 2nd Annual
Teen Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books is a team trivia contest based on books. Teens form teams of no more than five members, read the selected books and prepare to compete in the Battle.

There will be three separate Battles, one for each of the grade levels listed below, and each has its own booklist. Booklists will be revealed Friday, November 28, 2014.

After you look over the booklist, decide how your team is going to split up the books. Is everyone going to read two books? Is everyone going to read all of the books? It's up to you!

Let the Battle Begin!

6th Grade Battle

Tuesday, February 24, 2015
6th Grade Booklist

Registration is now closed.

7th & 8th Grade Battle

Tuesday, March 3, 2015
7th & 8th Grade Booklist

Registration is now closed.

9th – 12th Grade Battle

Tuesday, March 10, 2015
9th - 12th Grade Booklist

Registration is now closed.

All Battles will take place at in the Reference Department (2nd Floor) at CLP – Main
and begin at 6:30pm.

*Due to increased interest in participation, there will be two simultaneous 7th & 8th Grade Battles (one at CLP-Main and one at CLP-East Liberty) on Tuesday, March 3, 2015.

Note: These teams will be notified of their respective Battle location before the event.

Please arrive 15 minutes early. Parking is available on the street
and in the lot behind the library.

How Does the Battle Actually Work?

Well here it is in a nutshell: You will need to arrive at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Main (Oakland) 15 minutes early so you can sign in and set up. Each team will have answer sheets and a pencil. Your Team Manager will be there to cheer you on!

Rounds: There will be four rounds of questions (easy, medium, hard, final round). Every round will have one question from each title on your grade's booklist. The Battle questions will not be interpretive questions. They may relate to a character, the setting, or important events and will have concrete answers. For example: In Rot & Ruin, how old was Benny at the time of "First Night," the zombie apocalypse? Answer – 18 months.

The Battle Moderator will ask each question twice. The Timekeeper will allow 20 seconds for teams to deliberate and write down their answers. After 20 seconds, the Moderator will ask the next question. At the end of each round, the Moderator will announce the correct answers and the Team Scorekeepers will mark how many points were earned.

Scoring: If your team answers correctly you earn 4 points. Your team can earn one bonus point for each question if you include the author's last name as part of your answer. This means each question is potentially worth 5 points. Answers must be specific. The Moderator and Judges will decide if an answer given is correct, and that decision is final. Scores will be shared at the end of each round, so teams may celebrate their effort.

The End: At the end of the rounds, the Judges will tally the final scores. If there is a tie, a lightning round will take place between the tied teams. Once a clear high-scorer has been made, the Battle Moderator will announce the final scores and all teams will be celebrated!

Interested? To Get Started:

  • Take a look at the booklist. It will be available on Friday, November 28. Print copies will be available at CLP locations.
  • Find four friends in your grade range (6th grade, 7th & 8th grade, or 9th – 12th grade) and form a team.
    • Yes, 7th & 8th graders can be on the same team!
    • No, your team members don't all have to go to the same school!
  • Find a responsible adult to be Team Manager
    • Your Team Manager should be 18 years of age or older. The Team Manager is there to help you get organized. Many teams ask a teacher, a parent, or their school librarian to be their Team Manager.
  • Create a name for your team.
  • Registration is now closed.
  • Contact teensmain@carnegielibrary.org with any questions.

Tips for Team Managers

Of course you want your team to do well, but the most important thing is for your team members to have fun! Here are some tips for you to consider.

  • Make sure each team member understands which books on the reading list they are expected to read.
  • Meet with the team regularly. Offer encouragement, check on reading progress, foster team spirit, help team members learn author names and discuss the books' characters and settings.
  • Act as communication link between the library and team members and their parents/guardians with all information regarding the Battle of the Books. Please keep us informed of any team changes. Contact CLP – Main, Teen at teensmain@carnegielibrary.org
  • Encourage good sportsmanship before and during the Battle.
  • Make sure you as a team manager demonstrate good sportsmanship before and during the Battle.
  • Help your team members and their families understand the rules of the Battle and expectations the evening of the Battle.
  • Make sure team members arrive 15 minutes early for Battle (6:15 pm).

Build Team Spirit

  • Help your team come up with a descriptive Team Name.
  • Consider decorating team t-shirts or wearing similar clothes to the Battle.

Encourage and Reward

  • Give words of praise and encouragement.
  • Serve snacks at the meetings.
  • Have a pizza party or ice cream outing at the completion of the Battle.
  • Keep it fun and make happy memories!