Science and Science Fiction

Classic Science Fiction
How did authors imagine the future twenty or more years ago? Read one of these classic science fiction novels to find out.
Creepy, Weird and Strange
There's some weird stuff out there -- but one person's strange is another person's normal! Find out all about creepy, weird, strange or just plain fascinating things in the books on this list. The best part? They're all true!
Dystopian Fiction since Fahrenheit 451
Totally freaked out and intrigued by the future world depicted in Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451? Get one of these other dystopian fiction titles from your local library! Also, check out the play Fahrenheit 451 at Prime Stage going on between Nov 2 - Nov 11!
Dystopian Futures
You've probably heard the word 'utopia', or a perfect society. Well, 'dystopia' means the opposite -- a repressive state in which freedoms are limited and there is no possibility for social change. The dystopia is a favorite theme of science fiction authors exploring possible dark futures for mankind. If that interests you, read one of these books (you might feel better about the current state of things when you're through!).
End of the World
According to some, the Mayans predicted the end of the world to be December 21st 2012. Will it happen? We'll soon find out. If it does, be prepared by reading what others have done to survive the apocalypse.
Get Your Game On
Is gaming your life? Now you can read about games when you can't play them! Don't forget that you can also play video games at your library.
How the World Works: Books About Science
Want to know why the sky is blue, how you remember people's faces, or how many miles of veins are in the human body? These books have all the answers.
A Not So Bright Future
In these books the world may not have come to an end, but life is seriously messed up.