Real Issues

Back To School
It's that time of year again, and going back to school can be both frightening and exciting. Check out these books on the ups and downs of life in school.
Banned Books Week - Top Books
Each year, the American Library Association's Office of Intellectual Freedom publishes a list of the Top 10 Banned or Challenged books of the year. This list explores some of the most frequently banned books from the past few years -- and the reasons other people don't want you to read them.
Banned Graphic Novels
Graphic novels have been getting their fair share of challenges lately. Check out some of these titles, that have been challenged in various states around the country.
Brothers and Sisters
Sometimes they're great. Sometimes they're soooo annoying. But can you imagine life without them? These books are all about the problems brothers and sisters can cause -- or solve.
But I Hate to Read Hi/Lo Books
High interest low reading level books appeal to readers who want a great story but not a lot of pages for the story. Teens who may be identified as 'reluctant readers' can find an interesting array of books, themes and genres on this list.
Censorship Causes Blindness: Read!
Celebrate Banned Books Week, not by reading one but by checking out one of these titles about what happens when the culture of censorship reigns supreme.
The College Years
Gain new perspectives on life after high school.
Community Service
Step Up, Help Out, Get Inspired!
Dear Diary...
Have you ever wanted to read your sister's diary? Do you like going online and reading the secrets people post to their blogs? Then one of these books written as diaries, or in another interesting format, might be right for you.
Dystopian Fiction since Fahrenheit 451
Totally freaked out and intrigued by the future world depicted in Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451? Get one of these other dystopian fiction titles from your local library! Also, check out the play Fahrenheit 451 at Prime Stage going on between Nov 2 - Nov 11!
Girl Power! Fiction about Strong Women
These books show that girls can accomplish anything.
Girl Power! Nonfiction about Strong Women
Learn about some amazing real women in these nonfiction books.
Holden Caulfields for the New Age
The Catcher in the Rye is a classic teen coming-of-age novel. These books feature characters that are reminiscent of the feelings expressed in that book.
It's Rough Out There
Teen Life and Issues Fiction
Love All Around
Love can be fun, painful, frightening, and exciting. But it's rarely simple. Join these characters as they all strap themselves in for a roller coaster ride.
Middle School
Middle School: the place that everyone knows and loves (or hates!). These are books about some adventures that happen during middle school.
Muslim Journeys
Islam is one of the largest and fastest growing religions in the world, and yet it may also be one of the most misunderstood. Read how it's like to be a Muslim in the United States and abroad.
On The Job
Who says work is boring? Check out these books, where having a job leads to much more than just some extra dough.
Out of the Closet
Fiction featuring gay and lesbian characters.
Outdoor Pursuits: Survival Nonfiction
Do you wish you could spend all your time outside, or are you happiest inside on the couch? Either way, take your imagine outside with one of these books about teen surviving in the great outdoors.
The Outfiction booklist is a collection of fiction and non-fiction titles that could empower readers to embrace with equality and mutual respect the differences in people.
Raking in the Dough
Whether your looking for a summer job, part time job or deciding what to do for the rest of your life the library has books to help you find the perfect job for you.
Real Teens Around the World
Read what life is really like around the world in one of these great books!
Science fiction and Non-fiction titles for teens
Explore the natural world and its law. Read about interactions between the natural, physical and biological worlds and human societies. What is the impact of scientific advances on society and the environment? Discover the answers by reading titles in this booklist.
Staying Healthy
For a busy teenager your health can be the first thing to fall off your radar, but the healthy habits you build today will keep you healthy for the rest of your life. The library has the information you need to understand how your body works, keeping yourself in tip-top-shape, how to practice safe sex and steps to overcome depression. Also, be sure to check out our list of web resources with the latest info on how to be a healthy teen.
Survival Fiction
What would you do if you were lost in the wilderness, or lost in the halls of your school? How would you defend yourself? These fiction books are about teens who fight for survival.
Survival Nonfiction: Testing Your Wits to Stay Alive
What would you do if you were lost in the wilderness, or lost in the halls of your school? How would you defend yourself? These nonfiction books are about teens who fight for survival. Check out our Survival Fiction as well!
Teen Pregnancy and Parenthood: Nonfiction
What would you do if you, your girlfriend or your friend was pregnant? These nonfiction books explore some tough choices teens can make.
Teen Summer Reading Booklist 2014
Spend some time this summer with one of these great reads found at your library!
The Teenaged Girl's Guide to Love, Romance and Friendship
Finding love is harder than you might think. These books will help teenage girls navigate the rocky roads of romance.
Teens Around the World
Have you always longed to travel? Want to know how teens in other parts of the world live? Try one of these fiction titles and travel the globe without leaving your living room.
Thrillers and Adrenaline Seekers
Are you an adrenaline junkie? Extreme teen titles that excite and are sure to quench the thrill seekers thirst for a great read are listed on this booklist. Take the plunge with one of these exciting titles!
Urban Teen Fiction
Read about teens living life the hard way.
War: What is it Good For? - Fiction
War affects everybody. Read one of these fiction books that explore how war effects people, both those fighting and those living through it.
War: What is it Good For? - Nonfiction
War affects everybody. Read one of these nonfiction books that explore how war effects people, both those fighting and those living through it.
When Things Fall Apart
When tragedy strikes, it can change our lives forever. There seems to be no one to turn to, and sometimes not even our best friends or family understand what we're going through.
Winter Wonderland
It's cold outside, so stay warm with a good book! These titles have a little bit of everything, from snow-kissed romance to alpine survival.