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The Son Of Neptune

Reviewed by: Abigail

Percy Jackson lovers will be very interested in this second book of the Heroes Of Olympus series. It is set at the opposite end of the spectrum, at the roman demigod camp,Camp Jupiter. This brings back Percy Jackson who has very similar traits as Jason Grace in the first book. It uses a lot of mystery and confusion by having the readers figure out along the way[as well as the characters] what makes each of the demigods unique. This showcases different kinds of power than that were shown in the previous books, including many powers that ere given without the knowing of the person. These characters have problems and difficulties that normal demigods don't including that on of the protagonists should be dead and that one could be dead if a stick burns. I think that this is a great way to add some variety to the story while keeping the theme as a whole the same.    

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Date Reviewed: 7/23/2013