History and Historical Fiction

Ancient Egypt, China, and Greece
Need to do a history report or just want a fun read? Pick up one of these to transport you to a fun, colorful and amazing world!
Black History - Fiction
The great thing about historical fiction is that it allows you to experience history as if you were there. That's exactly what these fiction books on Black History do: give you a first-hand glimpse of the everyday struggles and triumphs that African Americans have endured to make America what it is today.
Black History - Nonfiction
These true accounts of what African Americans have had to strive through to shape American history is both tragic and inspiring. Celebrate African American History all year long with one of these books.
Girl Power! Fiction about Strong Women
These books show that girls can accomplish anything.
Girl Power! Nonfiction about Strong Women
Learn about some amazing real women in these nonfiction books.
An Idea of the 1920s
The 1920s were an exciting new time for lots of people. With romance, clubs and mobsters, you never knew what was going to happen! These books give you an idea of the 1920s lifestyle.
Lives They Lived
Real life can definitely be as interesting as fiction. These biographies will teach you about famous and not-so-famous people with fascinating lives
Looking Back: Teen Historical Fiction
If you think history is boring, read one of these historical fiction titles for a pleasant surprise.
My Life: Memoirs for Teens
Do you think your life is like a soap opera? Maybe you should write a memoir and see if your crazy life can top these!
Romance Through the Years
True love is timeless. These books prove love, heartbreak and happy endings have existed far longer than you or me.
Stories of Yesterday: History
The future cannot exist without the past, and these books about important events in history will help you figure out where you fit today.