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Alex Awards
Every year the American Library Association gives The Alex Awards to ten books written for adults that appeal to teens.
Back To School
It's that time of year again, and going back to school can be both frightening and exciting. Check out these books on the ups and downs of life in school.
Banned Books Week - Top Books
Each year, the American Library Association's Office of Intellectual Freedom publishes a list of the Top 10 Banned or Challenged books of the year. This list explores some of the most frequently banned books from the past few years -- and the reasons other people don't want you to read them.
Banned Graphic Novels
Graphic novels have been getting their fair share of challenges lately. Check out some of these titles, that have been challenged in various states around the country.
Baseball: Facts and Fiction
From scientific facts on the physics of throwing a curveball to the true life stories of some of the greatest players in history, this list offers amazing facts as well as thrilling fictional stories about playing America's favorite game.
Black History - Fiction
The great thing about historical fiction is that it allows you to experience history as if you were there. That's exactly what these fiction books on Black History do: give you a first-hand glimpse of the everyday struggles and triumphs that African Americans have endured to make America what it is today.
But I Hate to Read Hi/Lo Books
High interest low reading level books appeal to readers who want a great story but not a lot of pages for the story. Teens who may be identified as 'reluctant readers' can find an interesting array of books, themes and genres on this list.
Children's Books for All Ages
So you might have to look in the children's section, but these books are worth the trip.
The College Years
Gain new perspectives on life after high school.
Community Service
Step Up, Help Out, Get Inspired!
Culture Shock
The world can be a big and scary place with cultures that are drasticaly different than our own. Sometimes these differences can make it easy to forget that real people, much like ourselves, live there. Read these fiction books and see how it is to live in another country.
Dear Diary...
Have you ever wanted to read your sister's diary? Do you like going online and reading the secrets people post to their blogs? Then one of these books written as diaries, or in another interesting format, might be right for you.
End of the World
According to some, the Mayans predicted the end of the world to be December 21st 2012. Will it happen? We'll soon find out. If it does, be prepared by reading what others have done to survive the apocalypse.
Get Your Game On
Is gaming your life? Now you can read about games when you can't play them! Don't forget that you can also play video games at your library.
Graphic Novels
Graphic novels have come a long way from their cult-following beginnings. They are now an integral part of mainstream culture, as is evident by the recent influx of blockbuster movies that are based on comics. No longer considered a waste of time, graphic novels are now recognized as a legitimate art form. Check out some of these recent graphic novels and see what all the hype is about!
Holden Caulfields for the New Age
The Catcher in the Rye is a classic teen coming-of-age novel. These books feature characters that are reminiscent of the feelings expressed in that book.
Manga Mania!
The Manga craze shows no signs of abating, and Library locations around the city have been increasing their Manga selections due to increased demand. Check out some of these recent releases and some old favorites in our updated Manga booklist!
Middle School Best of the Rest
Sometimes its hard to find just the right book to read. Whether you beginning your middle school experience or nearing the end, there are a lot of great Young Adult books for you to choose from. Try one of these.
Morris Awards
The American Library Association gives the Morris Award and Honors to exceptional teen books written by first-time authors.
Muslim Journeys
Islam is one of the largest and fastest growing religions in the world, and yet it may also be one of the most misunderstood. Read how it's like to be a Muslim in the United States and abroad.
A Not So Bright Future
In these books the world may not have come to an end, but life is seriously messed up.
Novels in Verse
Enjoy poetry and fiction? Try a novel in verse. These authors use the freedom of verse form to express themselves and their stories.
On The Job
Who says work is boring? Check out these books, where having a job leads to much more than just some extra dough.
Out of the Closet
Fiction featuring gay and lesbian characters.
Printz Awards
The Printz Awards are books that the American Library Association decides are the best of the best teen books of the year.
Science fiction and Non-fiction titles for teens
Explore the natural world and its law. Read about interactions between the natural, physical and biological worlds and human societies. What is the impact of scientific advances on society and the environment? Discover the answers by reading titles in this booklist.
Summer Time
Whether you're looking for a summer job, want to get your bike ready for an epic ride, or just want to read a great book in the shade, this list has the books to help make your summer great!
Teen Pregnancy and Parenthood - Fiction
What would you do if you, your girlfriend or your friend was pregnant? These fiction books explore some tough choices teens can make.
Teen Read Week - 2013
On the week of October 13th the entire nation will be celebrating Teen Read Week, where we rejoice the awesomeness that is reading teen books. So check out one of these books and celebrate with us! Also, look for a teen specialist at your school who will be giving some of these books away along with other fabulous prizes. Let the festivities begin!
Teen Summer Reading Booklist 2014
Spend some time this summer with one of these great reads found at your library!
Thrillers and Adrenaline Seekers
Are you an adrenaline junkie? Extreme teen titles that excite and are sure to quench the thrill seekers thirst for a great read are listed on this booklist. Take the plunge with one of these exciting titles!
Totally Tech
Whether you want to read about real advancements in the field of Technology or read a great science fiction novel, Totally Tech choices are sure to ignite your curiosity and inspire you to think outside the box.
Touchdown: Football Fiction
Are you a football fan? Take yourself into the world of football with one of these novels.
Vampires and Blood sucking Fiends
Are you thirsty for stories about mythical beings who subsists by feeding on the life essence (generally in the form of blood) of living creatures? This list is for you!
When Things Fall Apart
When tragedy strikes, it can change our lives forever. There seems to be no one to turn to, and sometimes not even our best friends or family understand what we're going through.