My Life: Memoirs for Teens

True stories as told by the people they happened to--these teen memoirs are about all kinds of people, but they're all great reads.

My Father's Summers : A Daughter's Memoir

King of the Mild Frontier : An Ill-Advised Autobiography

I Will Plant You A Lilac Tree : A Memoir of A Schindler's List Survivor

Twilight People : One Man's Journey to Find His Roots

A Girl Named Zippy : Growing Up Small In Mooreland, Indiana

The Diary of Ma Yan : The Struggles and Hopes of A Chinese Schoolgirl

The Skin Between Us : A Memoir of Race, Beauty, and Belonging

The Pregnancy Project : a memoir

America's Boy : A Memoir

Jesus Land : A Memoir

Miss American Pie : A Diary of Love, Secrets, and Growing Up In the 1970s

Learning Joy From Dogs Without Collars : A Memoir

Please Don't Kill the Freshman : A Memoir

The Boy Who Invented Skiing : A Memoir

Smashed : The Story of A Drunken Girlhood

When I Was A Soldier : A Memoir