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Adult Summer Reading


You're busy. Reward yourself by taking time each day to open a book and explore the world through reading.

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Reward yourself!

Read for pleasure - and you could win a Kindle Fire!

Read novels, picture books, magazines, poetry, cookbooks, field guides -- you name it.

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Log your reading and win!

Log your reading on our website. Share the number of titles and add a review if you like. All participants who read and log two items by August 9 will be entered to win a Kindle Fire at their neighborhood Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh location. All participants get a free Library tote bag just for registering (while supplies last).

Participants in Adult Summer Reading must be 18 years old or older.

Did you know:

  • Reading for just six minutes can reduce stress levels by more than two thirds.
  • Reading (or bibliotherapy) can help reverse symptoms of depression, by activating the frontal lobes of the brain.
  • Reading provides an opportunity for social interaction. Rather than a focus on negative issues such as gossiping, you'll have a positive topic for conversation.
  • Reading improves your general knowledge and boosts your analytical skills.
  • Reading gives you time to nurture yourself and slow the pace of a hectic life.
  • Reading keeps your memory sharp, your mind healthy and ensures your capacity to learn as you age.