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Football Nonfiction
Real Stories About Football

Pittsburgh Steelers

Bettis, Jerome
Driving Home: My Unforgettable Super Bowl Run
GV939.B48 A3 2006
Jerome Bettis is telling the story of his remarkable career in a lavishly illustrated new book with stunning photography from both on and off the field, an account of the 2005 season from training camp through the playoffs, plus an accompanying DVD highlighting his life and career.
Blount, Roy
About Three Bricks Shy -- and the load filled up: the story of the greatest football team ever
GV956.P57 B58 2004x
This is the thirtieth-anniversary edition of a book long considered a classic and one of Sports Illustrated Top 100 Sports Books of All Time. The story of the 1973 Pittsburgh Steelers--a team that was super, but missed the bowl.
Freedman, Lew
Pittsburgh Steelers: The Complete Illustrated History
(PENNA) q GV956.P57 F74 2009
"The Complete Illustrated History" documents the great moments in a tradition that stretches back more than seventy-five years.
O'Brien, Jim
Always a Steeler
GV956.P57 O28 2003x
A collection of stories that provide insight into the Pittsburgh Steelers and the world of pro football, from the comeback of Tommy Maddox, the tragic death of Mike Webster, and other challenges that reverberated the Steelers family.
O'Brien, Jim
The Chief : Art Rooney and his Pittsburgh Steelers
GV939.R66 O27 2001x
The story of one of the greatest legends and football owners in the history of the sport. The book centers on his life and the growth of the Steeler franchise, its ups and downs, and much more.
Rooney, Dan
Dan Rooney: My 75 Years with the Pittsburgh Steelers and the NFL
This brand new book will be available at a library near you very soon!
Wexell, Jim
Tales from behind the Steel Curtain
GV956.P57 W49 2004x
The "Immaculate Reception" may have started it all, but the 1979 Pittsburgh Steelers put the stamp on the modern era's greatest sports dynasty. It's not even a debate. No other National Football League team in the modern sports won so much in so little time. The tag is sure to stay with the Steelers for a long, long time.

Western Pennsylvanians

Callahan, Tom
Johnny U : the life and times of John Unitas
GV939.U5 C35 2006x
In a time "when men played football for something less than a living and something more than money," John Unitas was the ultimate quarterback. Rejected by Notre Dame, discarded by the Pittsburgh Steelers, he started on a Pennsylvania sandlot making six dollars a game and ended as the most commanding presence in the National Football League, calling the critical plays and completing the crucial passes at the moment his sport came of age.
Finoli, David
Steel City Gridirons: Stories of all things football from the high schools, the colleges, the pros, and the earliest days of the game
PENNA GV959.53.P58 F56 2006
Professional football was born here, the Hall of Fame almost wound up here, and the region's high schools and colleges are true factories, turning out some of the greatest coaches and players the game has known.
Kriegel, Mark
Namath: a Biography
GV939.N28 K75 2004
The first major biography of the sports hero who embodied the fantasies of a generation In between Babe Ruth and Michael Jordan there was Joe Namath, one of the very few sports heroes who transcended their game.
Marino, Dan
My Life in Football
GV939.M29 A3 2003x
My Life In Football chronicles Dan's formative years growing up in Pittsburgh, starring in both football and baseball for Central Catholic High School, and his All-American career at the University of Pittsburgh.

The N.F.L.

Holley, Michael
Patriot Reign: Bill Belichick, the coaches, and the players who built a champion
GV939.B45 H65 2004
Patriot Reign captures Belichick at his most candid, and what emerges is a portrait of a complicated man who is cerebral, yes, but also tough, demanding, stubborn, funny, profane, and a master strategist.
Marx, Jeffrey
Season of Life: a football star, a boy, a journey to manhood
GV939.E45 M37 2004
More than a quarter-century after they first knew each other as a professional football star and a ballboy for the Baltimore Colts, Joe Ehrmann and Jeffrey Marx once again crossed paths. The outcome was a remarkable journey through the greatest football season of all. It was really a season of life more than anything else.
Payton, Connie
GV939.P39 P39 2005x
PAYTON captures the life of an on-field superstar who wanted most to be the consummate team player. He was a man who left everything on the field, always put family first and committed himself to giving back to the community. Sweetness indeed.
Rice, Jerry
Go Long!: my journey beyond the game and the fame
GV939.R53 A33 2007
Rice shares the inspirational lessons and empowering practices that have helped him attain success, both on the football field and off. Through the ups and downs of Rice's life and incomparable career, we discover how self-motivation, determination, and humility are the keys to achievement and true fulfillment.
Yost, Mark
Tailgating, Sacks, and Salary Caps: how the NFL became the most successful sports league in history
GV955.5.N35 Y67 2006
The National Football League generates tremendous profits for all its team owners. It didn't happen overnight, and it wasn't the result of serendipity. Yost, who covers the business of sports for the Wall Street Journal, offers a fascinating financial history of the league from its threadbare early years through the dark days of independently negotiated television contracts to the share-the-wealth concept championed by late commissioner Pete Rozelle, who may be the one individual most responsible for the sporting behemoth that occupies our autumns.

NCAA Football

Boyles, Bob
Fifty Years of College Football: a modern history of America's most colorful sport
q GV950.B69 2005x
The most comprehensive modern history of the sport ever published. Jam-packed with information, the book is perfect for the reader looking up a fact (annual starting lineups, yearly offensive statistics, career statistics, AP Polls, NFL draft lists, award winners, All American selections, etc.) or in search of a good read (more than 6,500 recaps of top games, profiles of 100 key personalities).
Bradley, Michael
Big Games: college football's greatest rivalries
GV950.B73 2006
Celebrates the biggest of the big games in college football and looks inside ten of the greatest rivalries the sport has to offer.
Lombardo, John
A Fire to Win: the life and times of Woody Hayes
GV939.H35 L66 2005
Woody Hayes was a coach---and his achievements are stunning. While at Ohio State, he won five national titles, and thirteen Big Ten Conference championships, made eight Rose Bowl appearances, and earned two national Coach of the Year awards. Moreover, Hayes's lifetime coaching record, 238--72--10, puts him in the first rank of college coaching immortals. No other coach won more games in a shorter period.
Mandell, Ted
Heart Stoppers and Hail Marys: the greatest college football finishes (since 1970)
GV950.M26 2006
Chronicles over three decades of astounding, improbable, heart-wrenching, college football finishes in 116 vividly detailed chapters. From east coast to west coast, Division I-A to Division III, all your favorite schools are covered.
Sciullo, Sam Jr.
Tales from the Pitt Panthers
PENNA GV584.5.P57 S395 2004x
Tales from the Pitt Panthers goes straight to the people who have lived with and contributed to the stories of Pitt football, including players, coaches, administrators, and fans.