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Football Movies & Documentaries

Feature Films

Any Given Sunday
Tony D'Amato, the embattled Sharks coach, faces a full-on blitz of team strife plus a new, marketing-savvy Sharks owner who's sure Tony is way behind times.
Brian's Song
Chronicles the deep friendship between Gale Sayers, black halfback for the Chicago Bears, and his white teammate, Brian Piccolo, who died of cancer in 1970. Starring James Caan and Billy Dee Williams.
Death & Texas
In 1994, Barefoot Bobby Briggs was arrested for his role in a botched armed robbery of an Austin convenience store and sent to death row. When his former football team needs an instant replacement for an injured player on their march to the Mega Bowl, his lawyer offers the governor a controversial deal that will let Bobby play, and escape the executioner's needle.
Friday Night Lights
Odessa, Texas has seen better days, yet one hope sustains the community-- when the Permian High Panthers take to the field. Friday Night Lights captures the frenzy of a small town that reveres its school team and their weekly games.
Gridiron Gang
Sean Porter was a football player who turned into a juvenile detention counselor. He wrestles with the seemingly insolvable problem. The vast majority of young men who leave detention fall right back into crime. Looking for a way to give these not-yet-hardened kids a taste of self-esteem and discipline, Porter manages to persuade his superiors to let him teach the kids football - and then take on other high school football teams. Based on a true story.
Horse Feathers
Marx Brothers parody of college life with the fun-loving president of Huxley College wooing a floozie who is secretly trying to rig the big football game between Huxley and archrival Darwin U.
Based on the true story of Vince Papale, a down-on-his-luck substitute teacher in Philadelphia who, at the age of 30, was out of work, abandoned by his wife and biding time as a part-time bartender when he decides to answer an open call for tryouts with the Philadelphia Eagles. Going with his gut instinct, new coach Dick Vermeil rewards Papale's diligent efforts with a place on the team.
The Junction Boys
Dramatization of the life and career of Paul "Bear" Bryant when he coached the football team at Texas A&M University in the 1950s.
The Longest Yard
A former pro football quarterback (Adam Sandler) suddenly lands in a maximum security prison. Using fellow inmates, he must put together a motley group of cons to play a no-holds-barred grudge game against the sadistic guards.
Remember the Titans
A drama of forced high school integration in Alexandria, Virginia in 1971. After leading his team to fifteen winning seasons, white football coach Bill Yoast is demoted and replaced by African-American Herman Boone (Denzel Washington), tough, opinionated and as different from Yoast as could be. The two men overcome their differences and turn a group of hostile young men into champions. A rousing celebration of how a town torn apart by resentment, friction and mistrust comes together in triumphant harmony.
The Replacements
Shane Falco (Keanu Reeves), a washed-out all-American QB, guides a team of misfits assembled by veteran coach Jimmy McGinty (Gene Hackman) to replace striking pro players.
Although people have told Rudy all his life he's not good enough, smart enough or big enough, nothing can stop his impossible dream of playing football for Notre Dame.
The Waterboy
Bobby Boucher (Adam Sandler) is a lowly water boy for a college football team, until the coach discovers his amazing talent for tackling people much bigger than him. He signs the water boy as the new star player. Soon, he becomes the best linebacker in college football, but he must keep it a secret from his overprotective mother.


Go, Tigers!
Welcome to Massillon, Ohio, where high school football is nothing short of religion. For the 33,000 people who live there, football is life--a veritable "cradle to grave" experience that begins in the maternity ward where coaches make visits to scout future linebackers, and ends in a customized football casket emblazoned with the Tigers mascot. On the heels of a losing year, the Tigers risk losing football in Massillon altogether, as an upcoming vote on a new tax levy is the only thing that will prevent massive budget cuts and the eliminiation of the football program.
Jim Brown: All-American
A portrait of the controversial football player/motion picture actor/political activist Jim Brown. Brown reflects on his life and work. Friends, associates, and family offer commentary. Touches upon Brown's brushes with the law and his relationship with Richard Pryor.
Marshall University: Ashes to Glory
This inspiring documentary recounts how Marshall University achieved one of the greatest comebacks in sports history just one short year after losing their entire football program in a devastating airplane crash.