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Football Books on CD


Grisham, John
Presents a novel about high school football in a small Texas town, a place in which football has become a religion.
Murdock, Catherine Gilbert
Dairy Queen
After spending her summer running the family farm and training the quarterback for her school's rival football team, sixteen-year-old D.J. decides to go out for the sport herself, not anticipating the reactions of those around her.
O'Dell, Tawni
Coal Run
In the town of Coal Run, the local deputy, Ivan Zoschenko, a permanently-injured one-time football legend, spends a week seemingly preparing for an old teammate's imminent release from prison. He is surrounded by a rich cast of characters: his wise and comic ex-beauty-queen sister; his former idol, Val Claypool; and the young woman whose life he changed forever. During the events of this week, Ivan confronts his demons and reveals himself to be a man whose conscience is burdened by a long-held and shocking secret that must be reckoned with.
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth
Natural Born Charmer
Football hero Dean Robillard and down on her luck Blue Bailey meet and soon move into together. He's recovering from a career-threatening injury and she has no where to go since her ex stole all her money. They are attracted to each other but neither trusts love.


Halberstam, David
The Education of a Coach
David Halberstam offers listeners this moving profile of NFL coaching legend Bill Belichick. Early in his life, Bill realized he had a special aptitude for football and teaching. During his 31 years in the league, he would parlay a lifetime of experience into one of the most successful careers in NFL history.
Kriegel, Mark
Namath: a Biography
Kriegel details football legend Joe Namath's journey from steeltown pool halls to the upper reaches of American celebrity and beyond.
Lewis, Michael
The Blind Side
Michael Oher's father was murdered when he was young and his mother was addicted to crack. Intermittently homeless, his luck changes when an acquaintance sends him to a Christian high school and a wealthy family takes him in. Physically gifted at over 300 pounds and with the agility of a ballerina, Oher begins playing football in his junior year of high school and soon, colleges are lining up to offer him a scholarship as he is touted as the best offensive lineman in the country.
Papale, Vince
Invincible: My Journey from Fan to NFL Team Captain
In 1976 Vince Papale, a thirty year old substitute teacher, tries out for the Philadelphia Eagles football team and makes it.