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Photo of Didymo Stop Didymo!
Didymo (Didymosphenia geminata -- also known as ‘rock snot’) is a microscopic alga that’s invading Pennsylvania rivers and streams, including the Youghiogheny. Learn how you, as a fisherman, can help stop its spread.

Selected Books

1001 Fishing Tips: The Ultimate Guide to Finding and Catching More and Bigger Fish
Fishing isn't just luck: it's know-how and timing, presenting the right bait and lure at the right places at the right time.
Burnley, Eric B.
The Complete Kayak Fisherman
SH441.B89 2007
A revolutionary new technique has already begun to have an influence on anglers everywhere: kayak fishing. Kayaks enable fishermen to go into virtually any fishing location in near-total silence, and to be completely mobile and have all gear at hand.
Fly Fishing for Trout in Streams
q SH687.F58 1998
This book offers the basics of fly fishing from equipment to trout behavior to the best way to hook, land and release trouts in streams.
Gilbey, Henry
The Complete Fishing Manual
The Complete Fishing Manual looks at every type of fishing in freshwater and saltwater environments and shows how to catch everything from carp and pike to bass and catfish in streams, rivers, and lakes.
Meck, Charles R.
Trout Streams and Hatches of Pennsylvania: A Complete Fly-Fishing Guide to 140 Streams
PENNA SH688.U6 M43 1999
Charles Meck is a lifelong resident of Pennsylvania and has written several books on fly fishing in Pennsylvania.
Meck, Charles R.
Pocketguide to Pennsylvania Hatches
PENNA SH451.M437 2009x
This very small book is both a guide to when Pennsylvania water insects hatch and how to tye flies for fishing that mimic these recently hatched insects. Interesting both for the fisherman and the naturalist.
Molloy, Johnny
Backcountry Fishing: A Guide For Hikers, Paddlers, And Backpackers
SH441.M557 2008
This book has information on backpacking and paddling as well as fishing. It includes suggested destinations by state.
Pfeiffer, C. Boyd
Advanced Fly Fishing
q SH456.P485 2006
Includes chapters on equipment and flies, followed by chapters on reading freshwater-streams, rivers, ponds, lakes; and tactics for freshwater fish-trout, bass, pike, carp, crappie, sunfish.
Rousseau, Rich.
Making Wooden Fishing Lures: Carving and Painting Techniques That Really Catch Fish!
SH449.R68 2010
Exploring the science of catching fish -- what colors and shapes fish are attracted to and how to replicate them -- this handbook tells which lure designs will attract which type of fish and shows you how to make them, with carving patterns and step-by-step demonstrations.
Routh, Cory
Kayak Fishing: The Complete Guide
q SH441.R825 2008x
I bet you never thought of combining kayaking and fishing, but it appears that kayak fishing is a growing sport!
Schultz, Ken
Ken Schultz's Essentials of Fishing: The Only Guide You Need to Catch Freshwater and Saltwater Fish
A handbook for all types of fishing, with information on selecting equipment, finding the fish, catching them, landing them and cleaning them.
Schultz, Ken
Ken Schultz's Field Guide to Freshwater Fish
Online Resource
Use your library card to access the online version of this guide with color illustrations and descriptions of 140 of the most common North American freshwater fish, each with information on physical characteristics, size/age, distribution, habitat, life history/behavior, and feeding habits.
Werner, Robert G.
Freshwater Fishes of the Northeastern United States: A Field Guide
QL628.N92 W47 2004
Robert G. Werner presents the most current information available to aid in identifying the most distinguishable characteristics.
Williams, Ted
Something's Fishy: An Angler's Look At How We've Distressed Gamefish and Their Waters, and How We Can Protect and Preserve Both
SH441.W569 2007
Most of the work in this anthology is adapted from articles originally published in Audubon and Fly Rod & Reel (where Williams is conservation editor), and these lively, perceptive pieces take readers across the United States and around the world


Easy Fishing
This downloadable video is available from Overdrive using your library card. It covers everything you need to know about fundamentals, equipment and techniques. Tips on choosing the right equipment; techniques that professionals use.
Fly Fishing, The Lifetime Sport
(DVD) SH456.F58555 2005x
An interactive, straight-forward teaching experience using approximately four hours of video and oral explanation, 329 pages of text, hundreds of colorful photos, and illustrative diagrams. Designed and written as a university accredited course.

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Web Sites

  • Bassmaster
    The online website of Bassmaster Magazine and ESPN
  • Catch Fishing
    Canada’s Catch Fishing Program is a national awareness campaign aimed at making it easy for Canadians and visitors to enjoy fishing. It is hosted by the Canadian National Sportfishing Foundation.
  • Field & Stream Magazine
    Field & Stream's website contains the table of contents of the current issue, selected articles and columns. This magazine is also available at the Main Library in Oakland.
  • Fly Fishing Connection
    This website, based in New York, has feature articles and information on selected areas including Pennsylvania.
  • Fly Rod & Reel Magazine
    This fishing magazine is also available at the Main Library in Oakland.
  • National Hunting and Fishing Day
    NHF Day occurs the last Saturday in September and provides opportunities for everyone to learn more about outdoor skills and activities, including hands-on events for archery, firearms and muzzleloader shooting, fishing, canoeing, cooking or duck calling.
  • US Fish and Wildlife Service
    major responsibilities are: migratory birds, endangered species, certain marine mammals, freshwater and anadromous fish, the National Wildlife Refuge System, wetlands, conserving habitat, and environmental contaminants.

Pittsburgh Region

According to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, Allegheny County sold 54,461 fishing licenses in 2010, making it #1 in the state. By comparison, Philadelphia only sold a piddling 15,473.



  • Fish Erie!
    Information about fishing in the Pennsylvania waters of Lake Erie, Presque Isle Bay, and the Pennsylvania streams in the Lake Erie watershed.
  • Pennsylvania B.A.S.S Federation
    PA B.A.S.S. Federation is a non-profit organization made up of 7 districts with 102 bass fishing clubs and 1518 members in Pennsylvania. Southwestern Pennsylvania is in District 5. The website lists BASS clubs in each district.
  • Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission
    WOW! They now have a directory to Pennsylvania fishes online! You can also get information on fish licenses.
  • Pennsylvania Fly Fishing
    This website by David Kile includes a database of stream reports by anglers, lists of approved trout streams by county, state fishing regulations, a message board, links, and information on books of interest.
  • Pennsylvania Taxidermist Association
    Members include taxidermists, novices and aspiring taxidermists.
  • Pennsylvania Trout Unlimited
    This is the state chapter of the national Trout Unlimited, representing 11,000 members in 57 Trout Unlimited Chapters across the Commonwealth. Pennsylvania Trout Unlimited has one common goal: the conservation and enhancement of Pennsylvania's cold water streams and fisheries, and specifically our wild trout resources .
  • Trout in the Classroom
    Pennsylvania Trout In the Classroom (TIC) is an interdisciplinary program in which students in grades 3-12 learn about coldwater conservation while raising brook trout from eggs to fingerlings in a classroom aquarium. Created through a partnership between Pennsylvania Council of Trout Unlimited and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.

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