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Selected Books

Blaine, Sandy
Yoga for Computer Users: Healthy Necks, Shoulders, Wrists, and Hands in the Postmodern Age
RM727.Y64 B53 2008
Blaine presents poses, exercises, and breathing and relaxation techniques that increase circulation and range of motion, improve posture, and restore vitality.
Brunhoff, Laurent de
Babar's Yoga for Elephants
Babar the elephant demonstrates and provides step-by-step instructions for basic yoga techniques and positions, then shows how he and Celeste use them to relax and have fun as they travel around the world.
Budilovsky, Joan
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Yoga
RA781.7.B83 2006x
A yoga book anyone can use explains how basic stretching, meditation, and breathing exercises increase body flexibility, relax tense mind and muscle, and improve life productivity and self-satisfaction. Contains step-by-step, easy-to-follow diagrams of the standard yoga moves.
Carillo, Anthony
Iron Yoga
RA781.68.C37 2005
Combine yoga and strength training for weight loss and total body fitness. A video of Iron Yoga is also available.
Kaminoff, Leslie and Amy Matthews
Yoga Anatomy
This second edition of Yoga Anatomy provides you with a deeper understanding of the structures and principles underlying each movement and of yoga itself.
McCall, Timothy B.
Yoga as Medicine
RM727.Y64 M43 2007
Yoga as therapy for the mind and body is covered in this book.
Moyer, Donald
Yoga: Awakening the Inner Body
q RA781.7.M693 2006x
This book is on Iyengar-style yoga allows the user to tailor the exercises to his/her specific needs.
Pegrum, Juliet
Ageless Yoga: Gentle Workouts for Health & Fitness
RA781.7.P446 2006
Best-selling author Juliet Pegrum (Ashtanga Yoga, Kid Yoga) shows over-50s how to slow down the aging process, bringing body, mind, and spirit into harmony with this wonderfully simplified, beautifully safe, fully illustrated approach to yoga.
Mastering the Secrets of Yoga Flow
Swenson, Doug
Mastering the Secrets of Yoga Flow
RA781.7.S947 2004
A unique program to improve focus, achieve peace, and reach full physical and mental potential.
Yee, Rodney
Moving Toward Balance: 8 weeks of Yoga with Rodney Yee
RA781.7.Y438 2004
An internationally known yoga instructor outlines an eight-week program of basic yoga postures, meditation, and breath awareness intended to lead practitioners toward balance--physical, emotional, and psychological.

Yoga on DVDs

Feeling stiff and sore, achy and awful? Are you cramped, compressed, and complaining? Loosen up, stretch out, and grumble less with the help of our collection of instructional yoga DVDS.

For more books and DVDs on yoga

A.M. & P.M. Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss

Two yoga programs designed to release tension, calm nerves, and enhance circulation.

Living Room Yoga. Strengthen & Lengthen

Presents an in-home yoga workout combining postures, breathing exercises, and calisthenics.

Living Room Yoga. Twist & Bend

Presents an in-home yoga workout combining postures, breathing exercises, and calisthenics.

More Yoga for the Rest of Us

A yoga routine appropriate for all ages and ability levels, covering floor exercises, standing poses, and guided relaxation.

On the Ball Yoga Workout for Beginners

A beginner's guide to incorporating an exercise ball with yoga.

Shape Long, Lean and Strong

A toning and shaping yoga routine consisting of a warm-up, twenty minutes of vinyasa (standing poses to strengthen and lengthen the body), followed by ten minutes of flexibility-based postures. The program ends with a relaxing meditation segment.

Shiva Rea Yoga Trance Dance

A customizable exercise program integrating yoga and dance.

Total Body Yoga for Beginners: Upper Body Yoga, Abs Yoga, Lower Body Yoga

Three complete workouts featuring Rodney Yee and Suzanne Deason.

Total Yoga. Earth

An introduction to yoga, featuring basic postures and emphasizing proper alignment, balance, flexibility, and focus.

Total Yoga. Fire

Advanced yoga instruction combining classical and contemporary postures with a higher level of refinement toning and aerobic activity, using three types of sun salutations for warming up, seven major standing poses, plus backbends, forward bends, twists, and tonic inversion poses.

Total Yoga. The Original

An introduction to yoga, consisting of an easy-to-follow series of classical yoga postures.

Total Yoga. Water

Instruction in intermediate yoga focusing on fluidity, grace, and power.

The Works with Sharon Mann. Yoga/Pilates

Presents a mixed yoga and Pilates workout that the viewer can customize by selecting from a variety of segments available via the DVD's interactive menu.

Yoga for Backcare with Rodney Yee

Presents yoga poses from improving back strength and flexibility.

Yoga for the Rest of Us. Back Care Basics

Presents a yoga routine designed to protect the back and improve posture.

Yoga for the Young at Heart. 2, Accessible Yoga for Every Body

Presents a low-key yoga routine designed especially for older people.

Yoga for the Young at Heart. 3, Every Day Yoga for Every Body

Presents a low-key yoga routine designed especially for older people.

Yoga for Young Bodies

Presents two exercise routines that combine elements of yoga and dance: a standing routine designed to build strength and generate energy and a floor routine for strengthening and toning while restoring focus and releasing stress.

Yoga Journal's Yoga Practice Introduction

Intended for beginners, this program presents the basic movements of yoga.

Yoga You Can Do

Leslie Sansone teaches the easiest way to perform standard yoga poses, showing modifications and variations for all fitness levels, how to improve overall physical strength, range of movement, flexibility and stamina, and how to increase the mind/body connection to help cope with daily stress.


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  • Yoga Alliance
    A nonprofit organization whose mission is to lead the yoga community, set standards, foster integrity, provide resources, and uphold the teachings of yoga. You can find teachers and schools that meet their standards on their website and find out how to find a yoga teacher to fit your lifestyle.
  • Yoga Journal
    The website of the print magazine offers a pose finder to find asanas by anatomical focus, therapeutic application, or contraindication, or just browse poses by name. Also a Yoga 101 for those new to yoga.

Pittsburgh Resources

  • 3rd Street Yoga
    Located in Carnegie.
  • Amazing Yoga
    Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga studio. 2 locations in Shadyside and Monroeville
  • BYS Yoga
    Located on the South Side
  • FitWell Studios
    A Pilates and yoga studio serving Wexford, Cranberry, and Pittsburgh.
  • Schoolhouse Yoga
    Yoga offers ongoing classes in Ashtanga, Hatha and Kundalini yoga for a wide range of experience and skill levels. Flexible class passes are available. Lawrenceville and Squirrel Hill.
  • Three Rivers Yoga Institute
    The Three Rivers Yoga Institute was founded in 1993 by Robert Barton & Yamuna Devi, and is the Western Pennsylvania's oldest established facility offering ongoing Yoga classes and programs.
  • Yoga Hive
    Located in the Glass Lofts at 5491 Penn Avenue in Friendship.
  • Yoga H'Om
    Located in Oakdale, midway between downtown Pittsburgh, PA and the Pittsburgh International Airport.
  • Yoga Matrika
    Located in Squirrel Hill, Yoga Matrika focuses on classes for women; including women only luna yoga, pre-natal, post-natal, baby-and-me, and mommy-and-me workshops.
  • Yoga on Centre
    Formerly Shadyside Yoga, now located at 6016 Penn Circle South, off Centre Avenue. Offers certified Iyengar Yoga Instruction.
  • Yoga on the Square
    Formerly Fitness Yoga. Located on Braddock Avenue in Regent Square.