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General Fitness Resources

See also: Fitness and Nutrition for Seniors.


  • America on the Move
    By taking 2,000 more steps a day and cutting 100 to 200 calories out of your daily diet, you can halt weight gain. Move more; eat less.
  • ACSM: American Fitness Index
    The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the American Heart Association (AHA) outline exercise recommendations for healthy adults and older adults. The ACSM also offers brochures on how to get the most out of your fitness equipment.
  • CDC: Nutrition and Physical Activity
    This program provides science-based activities for children and adults that address the role of nutrition and physical activity in health promotion and the prevention and control of chronic diseases.
    "Obesity is epidemic in the United States. In recent years, diabetes rates among people ages 30 to 39 rose by 70%. About 46.5 million adults in the United States smoke cigarettes, even though this single behavior will result in disability and premature death for half of them. More than 60% of American adults do not get enough physical activity, and more than 25% are not active at all." This website is geared to correcting that situation.
  • Healthy Sleep
    The Harvard Medical School tells you why you need sleep and how to get it.
  • The President's Challenge
    An initiative from the President's council on Physical Fitness and Sports designed to help Americans get fit. The Active Lifestyle program helps you do 30 minutes of activity a day, 5 times a week and provides you with a personal activity log.
  • Shape Up America!
    Shape Up America! is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization committed to raising awareness of obesity as a health issue by providing you with the latest information about safe weight management and physical fitness.
  • University of Pittsburgh Physical Activity Resource Center for Public Health
    Part of the University of Pittsburgh Diabetes Institute, this website offers brochures on:


The Anti Aging Workout for Every Body (DVD)
(DVD) RA781.A25259 2006x
Lynn Anderson presents age-defying workouts for all skill levels and body types.
Fabulously Fit Moms
(DVD) RG801.F3325 2007x
Get fit after your pregnancy with this series of DVDs.
Fat Burning Blast
(DVD) RA781.6.F3828 2006x
This intense cardio workout is designed to shed pounds and lose fat.
Rock Your Body with Jamie King
(DVD) RA781.15.R6327 2007x
Jamie King - famed choreographer of many music videos and movies, is trying to help you rock the pounds off with this workout video.
The Seasons of Fitness
(DVD) RA781.S3665 2007x
Sue West presents a series of workouts designed for each season.
Walk Yourself Fit: 3 Easy Workouts to Drop Pounds and Firm Up Fast
(DVD) RA781.W3254 2006x
Three walking workouts of varying intensity will help shed unwanted pounds and tone muscle groups.

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Selected Books

Blech, Jörg
Healing Through Exercise: Scientifically-Proven Ways to Prevent and Overcome Illness and Lengthen Your Life
RM725.B54 2009
Jörg Blech sets out the actual physiological effects of exercise: it triggers the growth of new brain cells, induces stem cells in blood vessels and reverses symptoms of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Doctors are now using exercise to combat common ailments such as heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis and depression.
Coopersmith, Geralyn
Fit and Female: The Perfect Fitness and Nutrition Game Plan for Your Unique Body Type
RA781.6.C66 2006
Nutrition and exercise strategies designed for women of various body types.
Fitness and Exercise Sourcebook
GV436.F53 2011
This book serves as a basic guide to exercising, getting fit and developing training routines.
Greenwood-Robinson, Maggie
The Biggest Loser Fitness Program: Fast, Safe, and Effective Workouts to Target and Tone Your Trouble Spots
RA781.6.G72 2007
The popular reality series "The Biggest Loser" serves as the inspiration for this book, which combines fitness plans with dietary changes.
Hemingway, Mariel
Mariel Hemingway's Healthy Living From the Inside Out: Every Woman's Guide to Real Beauty, Renewed Energy, and a Radiant Life
HQ1221.H38 2007
Hollywood star Mariel Hemingway reveals her pointers for looking fit and boosting energy for ladies.
Hensrud, Donald (Editor)
The Mayo Clinic Plan: 10 Essential Steps to a Better Body and Healthier Life

The Mayo Clinic weighs in with expert dietary and fitness advice for consumers.
RA776.M116885 2006x

Kaelin, Carolyn
The Breast Cancer Survivor's Fitness Plan: Reclaim Health, Regain Strength, Live Longer
RC280.B8 B6889 2007
The Harvard Medical School presents detailed workouts with breast cancer survivors in mind.
Mayo Clinic: Fitness for Everybody
RA781.M385 2005x
Exercise is the wonder drug that will help prevent illness, keep off weight, slow the aging process, give you energy, reduce stress, fight depression, make you stronger, improve your posture, flexibility, balance and endurance. This guide will help you create an exercise plan with aerobic and strength training exercises.
Perry, Bruce W.
Fitness for Geeks: Real Science, Great Nutrition, and Good Health
RA781.P4757 2012x
An O'Reilly book on Health and Nutrition??? Lots of online applications and mobile apps to help you stay on track.
Simon, Harvey
The No Sweat Exercise Plan: Lose Weight, Get Healthy, and Live Longer
RA781.S5647 2006
Low impact and no impact exercising emphasizing stretching and diet lose weight and improve body condition.
Yeager, Selene
The Women's Health Big Book of 15 Minute Workouts
GV482.Y44 2011
Do you have trouble fitting exercise into you schedule? Try these short 15 minute workouts.

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