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Fitness Videos

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Abs Diet Workout (2005)
Exercise routine designed to remove belly fat and tone muscles, covering: diet plan; ab routine; circuit training workout. Based on the book: The Abs Diet : the six-week plan to flatten your stomach and keep you lean for life by David Zinczenko with Ted Spiker.
The Bollywood Dance Workout (2006)
An exercise routine consisting of cardio, sculpting, and stretching elements, incorporating dance moves from the Bollywood film tradition and set to bhangra music.
Chubby Hubby Workout (2006)
An exercise program designed for men who have gotten out of the habit of exercising. Covers stretching, aerobic, resistance, core training, and flexibility exercises.
Daily quickies: dance fitness for beginners : 10 minute workouts (2004)
"5 quick workouts to jump-start your day!; 1 intense workout for weekends; get the body you want in only 10 minutes!" Presents five different exercise routines incorporating differenct dance styles, each with an emphasis ranging from the toning of muscles to intense cardio.
Denise Austin: Hit the Spot: Core Complete (2006)
Four complete fat-burning workouts targeting the body's core: core and upper body; core and legs; core and buttocks; complete core.
Denise Austin: Blast Away 10 lbs (2005)
Denise Austin presents two twenty-minute fat-burning workouts incorporating "cardio kickboxing" moves. The first routine is an aerobics routine that emphasizes improving stamina. The second features interval training using three- to five-pound weights.
Rael Pilates System. 7, Beginners Level (2004)
Beginner-level Pilates instruction, featuring seven fundamental poses, focusing on breathing and alignment for core moves. With instructor Rael Isacowitz.
Rael Pilates System. 17, Intermediate Level (2004)
Intermediate-level Pilates instruction, featuring 17 poses, including: leg circles, shoulder bridge, cat stretch, back and front support. This workout was designed to lessen fatigue, improve muscle tone, increase flexibility and strength, and improve cardiovascular capacity.
Rael Pilates System. 27, Advanced Level (2004)
Advanced-level Pilates instruction, featuring 27 poses, including: criss cross, adductor squeeze, corkscrew, hundreds, double leg kicks, hip flexor stretch. This workout was designed for the purpose of rejuvenation, weight-loss, increased cardio-vascular capacity, and a greater sense of general well-being.
The Seasons of Fitness (2007)
Sue West introduces her new workout, mélange -- a blend of the conditioning components of ballet and Pilates with the stretches of yoga and classical dance.
Shape Long, Lean and Strong (2006)
A toning and shaping yoga routine consisting of a warm-up, twenty minutes of vinyasa (standing poses to strengthen and lengthen the body), followed by ten minutes of flexibility-based postures. The program ends with a relaxing meditation segment.
Total Body Toning -- 1 Minute Workout (2005)
A circuit training workout program for toning the different areas of the body that can be customized from 115 different 1-minute exercise segments.
Walk Yourself Fit
Walk Yourself Fit (2006)
"Enjoy all the benefits of walking in the privacy of your own home with Prevention Fitness Systems' Walk Yourself Fit. We've combined stomps, power walks, side taps, lunges, salsa, and so much more into high-energy, fun-filled workouts that you'll want to over and over again."