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Pottery & Ceramics: Technique

See also: Decorative Arts: Pottery & Porcelain

Selected Books

Acero, Raul
Making Ceramic Sculpture: Techniques, Projects, Inspirations
q NK4235.A26 2001
Offers instruction and a gallery of 104 artisans worldwide.
Britt, John
The Complete Guide to High-Fire Glazes: Glazing & Firing at Cone 10
Author John Britt, who served as Clay Coordinator at the respected Penland School of Crafts, offers a thorough examination of glaze materials, chemistry, and tools, and presents the basics of mixing, application, and firing procedures.
The Ceramic Process: A Manual and Source of Inspiration for Ceramic Art and Design
q TP810.5.R45 2005
Covers Materials, method and process, Clay body and casting slip, Preparations prior to making, Handbuilding, Using moulds, Drying, Firing, Glazes, Painting and decoration.
Finch, Joe
Kiln Construction: A Brick by Brick Approach
TT924.F56 2006
Emphasizing practicality at every step in the process, this book will aid potters who are ready to build their own kilns and gain more control and flexibility in their work.
Mattison, Steve
The Complete Potter: the Complete Reference to Tools, Materials, and Techniques for All Potters and Ceramicists
TT920.M383 2003x
Heavily illustrated with more than 600 how-to photos, "The Complete Potter" takes those interested in learning pottery through every phase of the craft, from clay to kiln.
McErlain, Alex
The Art of Throwing
q NK4225.M36 2002x
Perryman, Jane
Naked Clay: Ceramics without Glaze
q NK4265.P47 2004
Ros i Frigola, Maria Dolors
The Art & Craft of Ceramics
q TT920.R6813 2006x
Lavishly illustrated and visually attractive, it provides both practical and creative information on tools and materials, production processes, glazing, and decorative techniques--including detailed explanations of clays, kilns, and accessories.
Sentance, Bryan
Ceramics: A World Guide to Traditional Techniques
q NK4235.S46 2004
Talking with the Turners: Conversations with Southern Folk Potters
NK4011.T35 2006
"Thematic excerpts transcribed from interviews taped in the field in 1981 and preserved in the folklife resource center of the McKissick Museum of the University of South Carolina with introductory and concluding essays, complementary photography, and a CD recording of the potters' voices."
Vincentelli, Moira
Women Potters: Transforming Traditions
q NK3785.V55 2004
Some claim that women were the first potters and the earliest pottery techniques (handbuilding) are still used today in many parts of the world, largely by women. Moira Vincentelli proposes that a women's tradition in ceramics is one in which pottery making is intimately connected with female identity.


Art is...Ceramics: Throwing Functional Forms
Ceramist Alleghany Meadows shows how to create functional forms including a drinking mug, a vase, a pitcher with a handle, and a plate. Close-ups of the techniques and cross-sections of the forms bring the process to life.
Art Smart: Handbuilt Clay Sculpture
Demonstrates the ceramic techniques of hard slab, soft slab and press molds to create a sculpture. Includes demonstration of barrel firing and hollowing.
Art Smart: Handbuilt Pottery
An introduction to handbuilt pottery techniques. Demonstrates methods of coil pottery construction using stoneware. Shows the use of hard and soft slabs in the construction of porcelain.
Art Smart: Wheel Thrown Pottery
Presents a demonstration of wheel throwing. Covers bisquing, glazing, and firing.
Ceramics: Handbuilding
These videos present the basic skills of handbuilding: pinch and coil pots and slab forms.
Ceramics: Throwing Functional Pottery
Part 1 presents pottery techniques using a potter's wheel, showing how to create a casserole dish. Part 2 shows how to make a round bowl, a square bowl, and a teapot.
Getting Started With Clay Video Series
These videos with experienced potter Graham Sheehan cover Beginning Handbuilding, Beginning Raku, Beginning to Glaze and Fire, and Beginning to throw on the potter's wheel.
The Traditional Art of Making Japanese Pottery: Bond with the Earth
In this video, the 400-year-old tradition of firing pottery in the Takatori kiln on the island of Kyushu is explored. Members of the 11th generation of potters here demonstrate their craft as they work through the entire process of producing their popular Japanese tea ceremony ware.

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Pittsburgh Region - Classes

  • Fireborn Studios
    24th and Sarah Streets, South Side; 412-488-6835; classes in wheel throwing and hand building; firing services.
  • Pittsburgh Center for the Arts
    Classes in wheel throwing, hand building, majolica, earthenware. Fifth and Shady, Shadyside.
  • Sweetwater Center for the Arts
    Classes in ceramics and sculpture. Located in Sewickley, north of Pittsburgh.
  • Touchstone Center for Crafts
    Offers ceramics, glass, painting, glass, metalsmithing, photography and fabrics classes at their center in Farmington, southeast of Pittsburgh in Fayette County.

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