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Abraham Lincoln


Brooks, Noah
Washington, DC, in Lincoln's Time
E501.B87 1962
Noah Brooks befriended Abraham Lincoln in 1856, and became a frequent visitor to the White House after Lincoln's election. His account is one of importance, to Lincoln scholars.
Burlingame, Michael
Abraham Lincoln: A Life
E457.B95 2008
The release of this two volume set has been anxiously awaited by Lincoln scholars. This work has been called the "finest Lincoln biography in 60 years" by Publisher's Weekly.
Donald, David Herbert
E457 .D66 1995
This Abraham Lincoln scholar is able to recreate an intimate portrait of him using sources that only recently became available.
Goodwin, Doris Kearns
Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln
E457.45.G66 2005
Abraham Lincoln defeats his chief rivals for the Republican nomination for President in 1860. After winning the election he appoints these same rivals to key positions in his Cabinet. This is also available as a downloadable audio book.
Gopnik, Adam
Angels and Ages: A Short Book About Darwin, Lincoln, and Modern Life
E457.2.G67 2009
Born on the same day February 12, 1809 an ocean apart Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin became two of the defining figures of their time, and shaped the world that was to follow.
Herndon, William H.
Herndon's Lincoln
E457.H575 2006
William Herndon was Abraham Lincoln's law partner in Springfield, Illinois and one of his first biographers. He uses his interviews with those who knew Lincoln, along with his own recollections of him to tell the story of the man who would become the sixteenth President of the Unites States.
Holzer, Harold
Lincoln at Cooper Union: The Speech that Made Abraham Lincoln President
E440.H65 2004
Noted Historian Holzer shows how Abraham Lincoln's presidential election victory owed much to this February, 1860 Cooper Union address.
Kunhardt, Dorothy Meserve , and Kunhardt, Philip B., Jr
Twenty Days
This is a haunting account by these two Lincoln scholars that covers the period from Lincoln's assassination at Ford's Theatre to his burial twenty days later in Springfield, Illinois.
Lachman, Charles
The Last Lincolns: The Rise and Fall of a Great American Family
E457.25.L33 2008
Beginning with Lincoln's son Robert who was ashamed of his father's modest background until 1985 when Abraham Lincoln's last descendant died (his spendthrifty great grandson Bob Beckwith) Lachman chronicles the decline of a great family.
Nicolay, John G.
A Short Life of Abraham Lincoln
E457 .N655
John Nicolay, Abraham Lincoln's private secretary joined with Lincoln's other private secretary John Hay to write a 10 volume set on their experiences titled, Abraham Lincoln: A History. A Short Life of Abraham Lincoln is a one volume condensed version of that work which Nicolay completed shortly before his death.
Shenk, Joshua Wolf
Lincoln's Melancholy: How Depression Challenged a President and Fueled His Greatness
E457.2.S47 2005
The author shows that by dealing with his life's many tragedies, and by using strategies designed by him to combat his melancholia Abraham Lincoln developed his strong character.
Williams, T. Harry
Lincoln and His Generals
973.7 W749L
Focusing on Lincoln's role as a Commander-in-chief of the armed forces, this 1952 effort by T. Harry Williams still stands out.


Abraham and Mary Lincoln: A House Divided
This mini-series originally aired on PBS' American Experience, and examines the lives of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln.
Abraham Lincoln: Preserving the Union
The acclaimed Biography series takes a look at the life of Abraham Lincoln.
A documentary from the History Channel that chronicles Lincoln's life and last days, featuring interviews with Lincoln biographers Gore Vidal, Jan Morris, Andrew Solomon, and Harold Holzer.
The Lincoln Assassination
This History Channel documentary looks at Lincoln's final days and the key players in his assassination, including John Wilkes Booth, Lewis Paine, and possible conspirator Dr. Samuel Mudd.
Young Mr. Lincoln
Directed by John Ford and starring Henry Fonda, this film shows a fictionalized account of Lincoln's early years as a lawyer.

Web Sites

  • Abraham Lincoln's Birthplace
    A national historic site that focuses in Lincoln's life in Kentucky.
  • Abraham Lincoln's Classroom
    An interactive page with maps, period political cartoons, and quizzes.
  • Abraham Lincoln Institute "Provides free ongoing education on the life, career, and legacy of President Abraham Lincoln".
  • Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library
    "Combining scholarship and showmanship, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in downtown Springfield, Illinois communicates the amazing life and times of Abraham Lincoln in unforgettable ways."
  • Library of Congress: The Alfred Whital Stern Collection of Lincolniana
    This online release of the collection presents more than 1,300 items with more than 4,000 images and a date range of 1824-1931. It includes the complete collection of Sternís contemporary newspapers, Lincolnís law papers, sheet music, broadsides, prints, cartoons, maps, drawings, letters, campaign tickets, and other ephemeral items.
  • Lincoln's Home
    A national historic site of the only home that Lincoln ever owned, living there from 1844 until 1861.
  • Lincoln Memorial
    A United States National Memorial located in Washington, D. C.
  • Lincoln/net
    Contains biography, primary source material, historical themes, pictures, and links to other Lincoln and historical web sites.
  • Lincoln's New Salem
    An Illinois state site that offers a reconstruction of the village where Lincoln lived as a young man.
  • Mount Rushmore
    A United States National Memorial located South Dakota.