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Scandinavian Ethnic Groups

Pittsburgh Region

  • Finlandia Foundation Pittsburgh Chapter
    The Finlandia Foundation, Pittsburgh Chapter is an organization dedicated to the support and preservation of Finnish culture. The Pittsburgh chapter sponsors regular meetings, an annual holiday party, a newsletter and other cultural or social events. This group is associated with the Finlandia Foundation National, the largest private source of support for Finnish culture in the United States and encompasses the Finnish Committee, part of the Nationality Rooms Program at the University of Pittsburgh. Membership is open to anyone interested in our purpose and events.
  • Scandinavian Society of Western Pennsylvania
    representing the five Nordic countries, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, promotes cultural and social activities in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

United States

  • Danish Immigrant Museum
    The Danish Immigrant Museum in Elk Horn, Iowa, was founded in 1983 to preserve the history of Danish immigration to America.
  • Finlandia Foundation
    The Finlandia Foundation is the most important private source of support for Finnish culture in the United States.
  • Finnish American Heritage Association (FAHA)
    An organization located in Northern California maintains a library of Finnish-American culture and publishes books of interest to Finnish Americans.
  • Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center
    The Swenson Center, located at Augustana College in Rock Island, IL, is a national archives and research institute providing resources for the study of Swedish immigration to North America, the communities the immigrants established, and the role the immigrants and their descendants have played in American life.