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General Resources on Ethnic Groups

Library resources: Multiculturalism and Ethnic Groups

Pittsburgh Region

  • Global Pittsburgh
    Just as Pittsburgh opened its doors to early settlers and immigrants and encouraged them to flourish, would like to provide today's immigrants and international visitors with a forum to gather information, share experiences, and celebrate cultural diversity. They have information on current ethnic communities in Pittsburgh:
  • Kennywood Nationality Days
    Each summer Kennywood Amusement Park celebrates the heritage of Pittsburgh ethnic groups with special days for Byzantine, Carpatho-Russians, Croatians, Greeks, Hungarians, Irish, Italians, Jewish, Polish, Scottish, Serbians, Slovaks, and Slovenians.
  • Pittsburgh Folk Festival
    Food and entertainment from 15 countries. Organized by Pittsburgh area ethnic associations. Occurs every year on Memorial Day weekend (end of May).
  • A Guide to Pittsburgh by Ethnic Communities
    Contact information for ethnic clubs, restaurants, and organizations, with some web links.
  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Ethnic neighborhoods becoming thing of past
    An article from May 25, 2003 about the declining ethnicity of European neighborhoods in Pittsburgh.
  • Pittsburgh Refugee Center
    The Pittsburgh Refugee Center (PRC) is a community-based nonprofit whose mission is to empower refugees to become self-sufficient and integrated into their new communities.
  • University of Pittsburgh Nationality Rooms
    Twenty-six classrooms on the ground floor of Pitt's 42 story Cathedral of Learning created by Pittsburgh's ethnic communities as monuments to their cultural heritage. In December they are decorated for the holidays.



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