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Country Information & Directories

Web Sites

  • BBC News: Country Profiles
    Short country profiles provide an instant guide to history, politics and economic background of countries. They also include audio and video clips from the BBC archives and some links to relevant websites.
  • The CIA World Factbook
    Statistical and general country information arranged alphabetically by region and country
  • Market Research
    To access the Country and Industry Market Reports (including the Country Commercial Guides) you must be a U.S. Company or a Student/Researcher and be registered with Export.Gov.
    The Country Commercial Guides (CCG) are prepared by US Embassy Staff once a year and contain information on the business and economic situation of foreign countries and the political climate as it affects U.S. business.
  • iLoveLanguages
    Formerly "The Human-Languages Page".
    a comprehensive catalog of language-related Internet resources. Here you will find online language lessons, translating dictionaries, programs to aid you in learning a language, and more.
  • Information Please World Almanac: Countries of the World
    Information about each country, including a map and flag.
  • Library of Congress Federal Reseach Division
    Given that approximately two-thirds of the books and periodicals in the Library of Congress collections are in languages other than English, it makes sense that its website highlights both its international collection and collects Internet resources by region.
    • Country Profiles
      These are recent country studies (since 2000) for select counties.
    • Country Studies Area Handbooks
      A continuing series of books prepared by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress under the Country Studies/Area Handbook Program sponsored by the Department of the Army. This series presently contains studies of 71 countries. Very in-depth studies.
    The National Atlas of the United States of America from the United States Geological Survey.
  • National Geographic: World Music
    Explore and listen to music from around the world
  • NationMaster
    Created by Rapid Intelligence, a web technology company based in Sydney, Australia, NationMaster is a website that allows users to generate graphs based on numerical data extracted from the CIA Factbook and other statistical databases. All statistics on this site are cited (view the "Source:" field, found below each graph or click the "View with citations" link below the bottom of the page).
  • Nations Online
    Links to major websites in every country of the world, including the national government and major newspapers and universities.
  • US Department of State Background Notes
    The background notes for each country in the world contains brief information on geography, people, history, political conditions, economy, government, foreign relations, US relations, travel & business, and links to further electronic resources from the US government.
  • US Department of State: Countries and Regions
    Click on the region to get to information about countries.
  • Washington Post World Search
    Use the Washington Post database to find news, reference materials and Web resources for more than 220 countries. Search the country name or browse a complete country list.

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Africa -- History & Description & Travel DT
Asia -- History & Travel DS
Atlases G 1019-1201
Australia --
DU 90-422
DU 408
Austria --
( History &
F 2521-2538
History & Travel
F 1001-1035
History & Travel
F 2161
F 2171
Central America
History & Travel
F 1433-1527
History & Travel
DS 701-796
DS 401-498
DA 900-995
DS 101-135
DS 801-807
Latin America (General) F 1401-1419
Latin America
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F 1432-3722
Netherlands DJ
New Zealand
DU 90-422
DU 408
Portugal ( History) DP501-900
Rome (Civilization & History) DG 61-365
Russia (History DK 18-274
DL 11-46