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Fitness and Nutrition for Seniors

See also Seniors' Health, Nutrition and Sports: Fitness & Exercise.

Latest Report

  • Milliken Institute: Successful Aging
    Pittsburgh ranks fairly well in this study of cities for successful aging which is meant as a tool for city planners. Unfortunatley Pittsburgh has a high rate of obesity and physical inactivity among its seniors. SO GET OUT AND GET ACTIVE!!

Pittsburgh Region

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Wise Walk
Take a walk at your library! The Wise Walk is a ten week walking program geared toward 50+ adults that provides libraries and their walkers with pedometers, walking guides, t-shirts (for the first 25 participants and the first 15 first time participants at continuing libraries), and healthy snacks. Learn more about Wise Walk, a program brought to you by the Allegheny County Library Association in collaboration with AARP and the Highmark PALS (People Able to Lend Support) Program.
  • City of Pittsburgh: Healthy Active Living
    Healthy Active Living is committed to ensuring that all persons 60 and older live active and healthy lives. To achieve this goal, Citiparks Community Services operates 15 senior community centers focused on improving the physical, intellectual, social, cultural and financial interests of older residents.
  • Community College of Allegheny County
    Provides fitness classes for seniors in its non-credit course offerings.
  • SilverSneakers®
    SilverSneakers® is a fitness program for Seniors to improve their strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance. Lutheran Service Society offers SilverSneakers® classes through its Senior Centers program.
  • YMCA of Pittsburgh
    Offers Senior Citizen Health & Fitness, Water Aerobics for Senior Citizens.

Web Sites

  • Go4Life
    Go4Life, an exercise and physical activity campaign from the National Institute on Aging at NIH, is designed to help you fit exercise and physical activity into your daily life.
  • New York Times: Aging Well Through Exercise
    In this November 9, 2011 Well blog post, Gretchen Reynolds reports on a study of senior athletes done by the University of Pittsburgh that suggests strongly that people don’t have to lose muscle mass and function as they grow older.
  • Tai Chi: An Introduction
    Tai chi, which originated in China as a martial art, is a mind-body practice in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) that is often used with the elderly. Learn more at this website from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM).
  • USDA Food & Nutrition Information Center: Aging
    Federal resources on healthy eating, nutritional challenges related to aging, food safety issues, Meals on Wheels and other assistance programs. Links to organizations focused on aging issues.

Selected Books

Benyo, Richard
Running Past 50
GV1061.18.A35 B46 1998
Part of the Ageless Athlete Series, Benyo shows runners how to make physical adjustments to their running program, including increasing upper- and lower-body strength, using speed training and pacing in workouts, getting proper rest, and working walking into workouts.
Dreyer, Danny and Katherine Dreyer
ChiRunning: A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-Free Running
GV1061.5.D74 2004
ChiRunning is a program for runners of any age or fitness, that teaches you how to run faster and farther with less effort and fewer injuries. ChiRunning employs the core muscles, an approach found in disciplines such as yoga, Pilates, and T'ai Chi. Learn more in Finding a Sustainable Running Stride.
Dreyer, Danny and Katherine Dreyer
ChiWalking: The Five Mindful Steps for Lifelong Health and Energy
RA781.65.D72 2006
Similar to Pilates, yoga, and T'ai Chi, ChiWalking emphasizes body alignment and mindfulness while strengthening the core muscles of the body.
Fekete, Michael
Strength Training for Seniors: How to Rewind Your Biological Clock
qRA777.6.F43 2006
Workout plans included within this book are specialized with senior citizens in mind.
Francina, Suza
The New Yoga for People Over 50: A Comprehensive Guide for Midlife and Older Beginners
RA781.7.F7 1997
In The New Yoga for People Over 50, readers will learn how the health of the spine and posture affect every sustem of the body, and how yoga positions and breathing exercises benefit the circulatory system, the heart and other vital organs, relieve menopausal symptoms, and remove stiffness and inertia from the body.
Pegrum, Juliet
Ageless Yoga: Gentle Workouts for Health and Fitness
RA781.7.P446 2006
Bestselling author Juliet Pegrum (Ashtanga Yoga, Kid Yoga) shows over-50-year-olds how to slow down the aging process—and bring body, mind, and spirit into harmony—with this simplified, safe, and fully illustrated approach to yoga.
Westcott, Wayne L.
Strength Training Past 50: Your Guide to Fitness and Performance
GV546.W47 2007
This volume presents three different levels of strength training programs specially designed for people over the age of 50 and includes information on assessing current strength, selecting the right equipment, and getting optimal nutrition.

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Fitness Videos (DVDs)

Anti-Aging Workout for Every Body. Flex & Tone
(DVD) RA781.A25259 2006x
Presents an exercise routine focusing on improving posture and balance and increasing strength and range of motion. Promoted as an "antidote for aging."
Energy Boost for Seniors
(DVD) RA777.6.E5425 2003x
Presents a low-intensity workout for older people that incorporates tai chi movements and is designed to increase strength, vitality, and mental vigor, as well as loosen joints and dissolve muscle tension.
Keeping Fit in Your 50s. Aerobics
(DVD) RA777.5.K443 2003bx
Presents an aerobic exercise routine for people in their fifties, comprised of a thirty-minute core routine, ten minutes of advanced exercises, and a Q&A session.
Keeping Fit in Your 50s. Flexibility
(DVD) RA777.5.K444 2003bx
An exercise routine for people in their fifties emphasizing flexibility, which is important at that time in a person's life as it improves posture and can act as a measure in preventing injury.
Keeping Fit in Your 50s. Strength
(DVD) RA777.5.K445 2003bx
A strength training routine for people in their fifties, the benefits of which include toned muscles, heightened metabolism, and protection from bone loss that occurs during a person's fifties.
Moving to Mozart: Classic Exercise for an Ageless Body
(DVD) RA781.M6835 2005x
Presents two exercise programs for older people incorporating movements based on the stretches performed by dancers to stay limber, set to relaxing selections by Mozart.
Older & Much Wiser Workout for Active Older Adults
(DVD) RA781.O43 2010x
A workout program designed for older people.
Seated Yoga: Simple Stretches and Yoga Techniques You Can Do on a Chair
(DVD) RA781.7.S4254 2007x
Presents a beginner-level program well-suited for seniors and individuals with limited mobility. Features stretches, breathing exercises, yoga postures, and relaxation techniques.
Sit and Be Fit. Balance & Fall Prevention Workout
(DVD) RC953.8.E93 S583 2004x
"Physical activity is an important component in helping to prevent falls. Sit and be fit teams up with Stanford University Medical Center's Trauma Service, Sequoia Hospital, and the San Mateo County Fall Prevention Task Force to present a variety of exercises designed to reduce the risk of falling. This workout is intended for those who are most comfortable exercising in a seated position progressing to standing exercises using the chair for balance.
Sit and Be Fit: Osteoporosis Workout II
(DVD) RC931.O73 S5825 2005x
Activities in this balanced exercise and relaxation program are done sitting in a chair or standing beside the chair. The program is designed to meet the special needs of senior citizens, arthritis sufferers, stroke patients and others needing slow, gentle movements.
Sit and Be Fit: Parkinson's Workout II
(DVD) RC382.S5825 2006x
Demonstrates exercises that focus on posture, breathing, balance, truck mobility, ankle flexibility and rhythmic stepping.
Sit and Get Fit: Safely Stretch, Strengthen and Tone Your Lower Body
(DVD) RM777.6.S5832 2008x
A gentle conditioning program you can do sitting down. This video blends activity and relaxation, flowing circular movements, gentle rocking and natural breathing. Presents "Regenerative Movement Technique."
Sit and Get Fit: Safely Stretch, Strengthen and Tone Your Upper Body
(DVD) RM777.6.S5833 2008x
Blends activity and relaxation, flowing circular movements, gentle rocking and natural breathing, to help you revitalize, regain & increase circulation, flexibility, strength, endurance, breath capacity, and relaxation. Presents "Regenerative Movement Technique."
Wellness through the Ages with Vivien: Chair Exercises for Seniors
(DVD) RA777.6.W4353 2005x
Unique, upbeat, and refreshing exercise program designed for seniors who wish to work out in a chair. Incorporates hatha yoga techniques, gentle weight training, leg/abdominal strengthening, exercises to improve balance, stretching, deep breathing, and relaxation. Appropriate for a daily routine.
Wellness through the Ages with Vivien: Exercises for Active Seniors
(DVD) RA777.6.W4355 2005x
Unique, upbeat, and refreshing exercise program designed for seniors who wish to have a full, active workout. Incorporates hatha yoga techniques, gentle weight training, abdominal/trunk strengthening, exercises to improve balance, stretching, deep breathing, and relaxation. Appropriate for a daily routine.
Yoga for Grandparents
(DVD) RA781.7.Y62796 2008x
This "Yoga to Have Fun" DVD provides a yoga routine designed for older adults.

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