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Berg, Joel
All You Can Eat: How Hungry Is America?
HV696.F6 B453 2008
Kerr (executive director, New York City Coalition Against Hunger) explores the politics of hunger in the United States. He describes the scope of the problem and its societal impacts, examines the existing hunger safety net and the impact of welfare reform on hunger in the United States, and explores the reasons hunger in the United States doesn't receive greater attention.
Schwartz-Nobel, Loretta
Growing up Empty: The Hunger Epidemic in America
HC110.P6 S327 2002
Growing Up Empty is a study of a hidden epidemic that still remains largely unacknowledged at the highest political levels. This is a followup twenty years later to her Starving in the Shadow of Plenty. Little has changed.
Winne, Mark
Closing the Food Gap: Resetting the Table in the Land of Plenty
HC110.P6 W53 2008
Winne points out that poor people don't eat right because all the supermarkets abandoned poor neighborhoods and poor Americans have lost access to good food. Whatever efforts individual and communities make, he finds, a change in public policy is needed that makes supporting poor people as important as subsidizing farmers.

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