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Subject Area LC Class
Acid Rain TD 196.A
Acoustics QC 220-246
Agriculture S
Air Conditioning TH 7687
Airplanes TL 670-723
Algebra QA 152-263
Anatomy, Human QM
Animals QL
Anthropology GN
Arithmetic QA 101-145
Artificial Insemination QP 251
RG 133-135
Astronomy QB
Automobile Repair TL 152-230
Automobiles TL 1-445
Beadwork TT 860
Beauty Culture TT 957
TT 972
Biochemistry QP 514-519
QH 345
QD 415
Bioethics R 724
Biology QH
Biomedical Engineering R 856
Biotechnology TP 248
Bird Watching QL 677.5-683
Birds QL 671-699
Botany QK
Brain QP 376-425
Building Codes KF 5701
Building Plans (Houses) NA 7100-7566
C and C++
(Computer Programming Language)
QA 76.73.C153
Cable Television HE 8700.7.C
TK 6675
CAD / CAM (Computer Aided Design / Manufacturing) TS 155.6
TA 345
Calculators QA 75
Calculus QA 300-316
Cameras TR 250-265
Candlemaking TT 896.5
Carpentry TH 5601-5691
Ceramics (How to Make) TT 920-922
Chemical Engineering TP 155
Chemistry QD
Civil Engineering TA 145
Clocks & Watches NK 7480
Communications (Technical Aspects)  
Computer Programming Languages QA 76.6-76.9
Computer Repair TK 7887-7888
Computers QA 76
Construction (building) TH 145
Cosmetics RA 778
TP 983
Crafts (Handicraft) TT
Dinosaurs QE 862.D5
Dogs SF 421-439,
QL 737.C2
Earth Science QE
Earthquakes QE 534
Ecology QH 540-541
Electrical Engineering QC 501-720
Electricity QC 501-720
Electronics TK 7800-7882
Embryology QL 951-991
Enamels NK 5000
Endangered Species QH 76.5
Energy HD 9502
Environmental Chemistry QD 31.2
Euthanasia R 726
Evolution QH 361-369
Extrasensory Perception (ESP) BF 1312
Firearms UD 380
Fishes (General) QL 615
       (Aquarium) SF 457
QL 78-638
       (Tropical) QL 78,
SF 457
Flowers SB403-SB450
Fossils QE711.2
Furniture (Construction) TT 194-199.4
Gems TS 750-757
Genetics QH 430-438
Geography (Physical) GF,
Geology QE
Geometry QA 440-699
Glass (Technical Aspects) TA 450
TP 845
TT 298
Guns TS 532-538
U 885-897
UD 380-390
HV 8059-8077
KF 3941-3942
Hardware (Computers) QA 76
TK 7887.5
Hazardous Chemicals T 55.3
Hazardous Wastes TD 811
HD 4483
KF 3946-3958
Heating TH 7222-7687
Heredity, Human QH 431
History of Science Q 125
Horses QL737.U6,
(Hypertext Markup Language)
QA 76.76.H94
Immunology QR 181
Industrial Arts T-TX
Insects QL 463-496
Internet TK 5105
Inventions T 15-35
T 201-T 339
(Computer programming language)
QA 76.73
QA 76.64
(computer operating system)
QA 76.76.O63
Natural History QH
Naval Science V
Navigation VK
Nuclear Energy TK 9145-9155
QC 773-792
HD 9698
Nuclear Physics QC 770-798
Nuclear Power Plants TK 1078
Nuclear War / Weapons U 263-264
Numerology BF 1623
Oceanography GC 16
Optics QC 350-467
Painting (Houses) TT 320-324
Paleontology QE 711
Parapsychology BF 1001-1389
Patents T 201-339
Personal Computers
QA 76.5
Pest Control SB 950-975
Phobias RC 535
Photography TR
Physiology QP
Physics QC
Plague RC 171-179
Planets QB 601-701
Plants QK
Plastics TP 1101-1180
Plumbing TH 6101-6691
Pollution , Air & Water TD174-180,
Prehistoric Man GN700-875
Primates (Apes, Orangutans, Etc.) QL 737.P9
Printing Z 116-265
Prisons HV 8301-9920
Prohibition HV 5088-5099
Psychiatry RC336-455
Psychology BF 39-833
Public Utilities HD2763-2758
Radar TK 6575
Radiation QC 475
Radio (Engineering) TK 6540-9956
Railroads TF 15-230
HE 1001-5600
Recycling TD 794.5
Refrigeration & Refrigerating Machinery TP 490-497
Robotics TJ 211
HD 9696.R
Rocks QE 420-499
GR 800
Science Q
Science Projects Q 154-182
Sex HQ 21-31
BF 692
Ships VM15-23

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Use these Library of Congress Classification Numbers to browse the shelves in the library. You can also use them to browse the catalog.

LC Classification Subject
GB Geomorphology
GC Oceanography
Q General Science Dictionaries Encyclopedias Biography
QA Mathematics
QA1-74 General topics: Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Handbooks & Tables
QA75-76 Computer Science
QA77-999 Mathematics Special topics
QB Astronomy & Astrophysics
QC Physics
QC1-61 General topics: Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Handbooks & Reference Data
QC350-449 Optics, Light
QC450-467 Spectroscopy (more likely to be used for chemistry purposes)
QC851-999 Meteorology; Climatology
QD Chemistry
QD1-65 General Chemistry: Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, CRC Handbook
QD146-197 Inorganic Chemistry
QD241-441 Organic Chemistry
QD415-436 Biochemistry (see also QP501-801)
QE Geology
QE1-350 General, including geographical divisions
QE351-699 Special topics, e.g. geochemistry, mineralogy, petrology, volcanoes & earthquakes
QE701-999 Paleontology; Evolution
QH Biology; Natural History
QH1-200 Natural History
QH301-358 General Biology: Dictionaries, Encyclopedias
QH359-425 Evolution (see also QE701-999)
QH426-470 Genetic
QH506 Molecular Biology
QH540-549.5 Ecology
QH573-671 Cell biology (cytology)
QK Botany
QK1-474.5 General: dictionaries; geographical distribution
QK474.8-(638) Specific taxa of plants
QK710-899 Plant physiology (including plant biochemistry, i.e. phytochemistry)
QL Zoology
QL1-355 General, including geographical distribution
QL360-739.8 Specific taxa from “lower” to “higher” organisms
QL750-795 Animal Behavior
QL799-991 Morphology, Anatomy, Embryology
S Agriculture (General)
S589.7-589.76 Agricultural ecology; Agriculture and environment
S590-599.9 Soils, soil science
S604.5-627 Agricultural conservation; Reclamation; Organic farming; Soil conservation
S900-(972) Conservation of natural resources; Land conservation

Plant Culture
SB107-109 Economic botany (human use of plants)
SB119-124 Propagation, including agricultural biotechnology
SB317.5-319.864 Horticulture (e.g. encyclopedias of garden plants)
SB610-615 Weeds, parasitic plants, etc. (some info. on invasive plants may be found here)
SB950-990.5 Pest control, including biological control
SD Forestry
SD411-428 Conservation and protection
SF Animal Culture
SD84.82-85.6 Rangelands, management and conservation; Grazing
SD405.5-407 Laboratory animals
SH Aquaculture and Fisheries
SH201-329 Fisheries, including resources, conservation, management
SK Hunting sports
SK351-593 Wildlife management; Game protection; Wild animal trade
T Technology (General)
T10.5-11.9 Communication of technical information – includes books on scientific and technical writing, e.g. How to write & publish a scientific paper by Robert Day, the CBE manual.
T55-55.3 Industrial safety, e.g. Sax's dangerous properties of industrial materials, Bretherick’s handbook of reactive chemical hazards – good sources of information on a large variety of chemical compounds.
TA Engineering (General and Civil)
TA170-171 Environmental engineering
TA401-492 Materials science, e.g. Encyclopedia of Materials: Science and Technology
TA703-712 Engineering geology; Rock & soil mechanics
TA1501-1820 Applied optics; photonics
TC Hydraulic Engineering
TD Environmental technology; Sanitary engineering
TD169-195 Environmental protection; pollution
TD419-428 Water pollution
TD878-894 Soil, air and noise pollution
TD1020-1066 Hazardous substances, including hazardous waste sites, remediation, etc.
TE Highway Engineering
TF Railroad Engineering and Operation
TG Bridge Engineering
TH Building Construction
TJ Mechanical Engineering and Machinery
TK Electrical Engineering & Electronics
TK7800-7884 Electronics (general); semiconductors & materials
TK7885-7895 Computer engineering and hardware
TK8300-8360 Photoelectronic devices (relates to optics, materials science)
TK9001-9401 Nuclear engineering; Atomic power
TL Motor Vehicles; Aeronautics; Astronautics
TN Mining Engineering; Metallurgy. Including mineral and metallic ore deposits.
TP Chemical Technology
TP9 Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology (Kirk-Othmer)
TP248.13-248.65 Biotechnology
TP1080-1185 Polymers
TR Photography
TS Manufactures
TT Handicrafts
Z Bibliographies, etc.
Z1035.1 Guide to Reference Books (Sheehy); Walford's guide to reference material v.1
Z7401 Reference Sources in Science, Engineering, Medicine, & Agriculture (H. Robert Malinowsky)
Derived from University of Oregon