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Alvarez, Walter
T. Rex and the Crater of Doom
QE506.A48 1997
In a gripping work that is both a scientific detective story and a convincing account of "one terrible day in the history of the Earth", Alvarez makes his case for the cosmic impact theory of dinosaur extinction.
Brinkman, Paul
The Second Jurassic Dinosaur Rush: Museums and Paleontology in America at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
QE705.U6 B75 2010
The so-called "Bone Wars" of the 1880s may have marked the introduction of dinosaurs to the American public, but the second Jurassic dinosaur rush brought the prehistoric beasts back to life. These later expeditions -- involving leading natural history museums in New York, Chicago, and Pittsburgh -- yielded specimens that would be reconstructed into the colossal skeletons that thrill visitors today in museum halls across the country.
The Complete Dinosaur (2012)
Edited by James O. Farlow and M.K. Brett-Surman
A highly illustrated celebration of dinosaurs for general readers written by experts in fields, presenting a thorough survey from the earliest discoveries to contemporary controversies over extinction.
Currie, Philip J.
Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs
rq QE862.D5 C862 1997 (noncirculating)
Contains 275 original articles on all aspects of dinosaur science, including behavior and biology, major sites, important discoveries, and recent advances in dinosaur discovery and research over the past 25 years.
Dingus, Lowell
The Mistaken Extinction: Dinosaur Evolution and the Origin of Birds
q QE862.D5 D4928 1998
In The Mistaken Extinction, two eminent paleontologists make a case for the continued existence of dinosaurs, at least in the form of some relatively diminutive descendants: birds.
Dinosaurs of Eastern Iberia
QE841.D56 2011
Written for the general reader, this book is both an introduction to the history and study of dinosaurs and a survey of dinosaur discoveries in Spain, which contains one of the richest fossil records of Mesozoic vertebrates in Europe. This volume also describes the flora and fauna that made up the ancient ecosystems and explores the paleobiogeography of this dynamic region.
Fastovsky, David E.; Weishampel, David B.
The Evolution and Extinction of the Dinosaurs
QE862.D5 F38 1996
Fastovsky (U. of Rhode Island) and Weishampel (The Johns Hopkins U.) present a detailed survey of dinosaur origins, their diversity, and their eventual extinction. Written as a series of readable, entertaining essays, the text is designed for non-specialists and dinosaur enthusiasts alike.
Fiffer, Steve
Tyrannosaurus Sue: The Extraordinary Saga of the Largest, Most Fought Over T. Rex Ever Found
QE862.S3 F54 2000
Traces the history of the Tyrannosaurus rex fossil called "Sue" from its discovery in 1990, through court battles, to its auction by Sotheby's and its final location at Chicago's Field Museum.
Foster, John
Jurassic West: The Dinosaurs of the Morrison Formation and Their World
QE733.F68 2007
The famous bone beds of the Morrison Formation, running from Wyoming down through the Southwest, have yielded one of the most complete pictures of any ancient vertebrate ecosystem in the world. It continues to yield new discoveries about a time so different from our own that it almost seems imaginary. Aimed at the general reader, Jurassic West tells the story of the life of this ancient world as scientists have so far been able to reconstruct it.
Horner, Jack and James Gorman
How to Build a Dinosaur: Extinction Doesn't Have to Be Forever
QE721.2.E85 H67 2009
Since proteins extracted from fossil molecules show that Tyrannosaurus rex and the contemporary chicken have much in common, paleontology professor Horner has managed to manipulate chicken embryos to grow T. rex-like limbs and tails. No wonder he advised Steven Spielberg on Jurassic Park.
Lessem, Don
Scholastic Dinosaurs A-Z: The Ultimate Dinosaur Encyclopedia
q QE861.3.L47 2003
Scholastic Dinosaurs A to Z presents an enormous amount of dinosaur information for budding paleontologists and amateur fossil huners. Arranged alphabetically, this book contains more than 700 entries of every creature that has scientifically been deemed a dinosauras well as those that are commonly mistaken for dinosaurs.
Lucas, Spencer G.
Dinosaurs: The Textbook
rq QE862.D5 L94 1997 (noncirculating)
An introductory college text on dinosaurs, this is a comprehensive book that is easily read and understood by students with little scientific background. It covers dinosaur biology, geology, and the history of their discovery.
Norell, Mark
Discovering Dinosaurs: Evolution, Extinction, and the Lessons of Pre-History
QE861.4.N67 2000
This book addresses the questions of what the fossil record tells us about the evolution and extinction of dinosaurs, what their relationship to the rest of the organic world was, and what we can learn from them about our own place in the history of life on our planet.
Norell, Mark
Unearthing the Dragon: The Great Feathered Dinosaur Discovery
QE861.9.C62 N67 2005x
Norell, head paleontologist at the American Museum of Natural History, recounts not only the first discovery of feathered dinosaurs in 1996, but also the impact that discovery has had on the field of paleontology and on popular culture about dinosaurs since then, particularly by dissolving the distinction between them and birds
Paul, Gregory S. The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs
q QE861.4.P387 2010
Dinosaur illustrator and researcher Gregory Paul provides comprehensive visual and textual coverage of the great Mesozoic animals that gave rise to the living dinosaurs, the birds. Incorporating new discoveries and research, it presents thorough descriptions of more than 735 dinosaur species.
Ward, Peter
Out of Thin Air: Dinosaurs, Birds, and Earth's Ancient Atmosphere
QE861.6.E95W37 2006
Although dinosaurs eventually became extinct, what accounts for their surprising longevity? Biologist and earth scientist Peter Ward accounts for the remarkable indestructibility of dinosaurs by connecting their unusual respiration system with their ability to adapt to Earth's changing environment, a system that was ultimately bequeathed to their descendants: birds. You can also read this book from the National Academies Press online.
Weishampel, David B. and Coralia-Maria Jianu
Transylvanian Dinosaurs
QE861.9.R62 T739 2011
At the end of the time of the dinosaurs, Transylvania was an island in what was to become southeastern Europe, formed by the forces of plate tectonics. The island's limited resources affected the size and life histories of the animals, resulting in a local dwarfism.

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Dinosaur Hunters
(DVD) QE861.4.D5347 2003x
In 1922 American paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews led an archeological expedition into Mongolia's Gobi Desert and uncovered one of the richest troves of dinosaur remains in the world. Political conflicts forced Chapman to leave before he could complete his excavation. In 1997, two paleontologists, Mike Novacek and Mark Norell, returned to the site to unearth valuable paleontological treasures.
The Four-Winged Dinosaur
(DVD) QE861.6.F45 F68 2008x
Long ago in the age of dinosaurs, a volcano in eastern China erupted and buried a host of strange creatures in ash, creating fossils that preserved a big surprise --many dinosaurs were covered in feathers. This documentary investigates the most bizarre of these feathered dinosaurs, while the decades-long debate continues over the origin of bird flight. The central character is a strange little dinosaur with wings on its legs as well as its arms. The pigeon-sized Microraptor is the smallest adult dinosaur ever found, perhaps the first known tree-dweller.

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Books for Children

Dixon, Dougal
Agustinia and Other Dinosaurs of Central and South America
j QE861.5.D58 2007
Discusses how dinosaurs lived in Central and South America and how the animals living there today have things in common with them.
Dixon, Dougal
Aletopelta and Other Dinosaurs of the West Coast
j QE862.O65 D585 2007
These books are part of a series called Dinosaur Find and will introduce you to all sorts of dinosaurs.
Dixon, Dougal
Nodosaurus and Other Dinosaurs of the East Coast
j QE862.O65 D59 2007
Yes, there were even dinosaurs on the East Coast. Dougal Dixon has written many books on dinosaurs.
Norman, David and Angela Milner
Eyewitness Dinosaur
qj QE861.5.N67 2008x

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Web Sites

  • BBC: Age of the Dinosaurs
    Part of the BBC's section on Prehistoric Life, Dinosaurs offers a timeline of dinosaur life, information on the different types of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals
  • Dinosaur Internet Mailing List Archive
    Read the latest postings from this mailing list of Dinosaur scientists, hosted by the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.
  • The Dinosauria
    Online exhibits from the University of California Museum of Paleontology in Berkeley
  • Dinosaurs
    Information from the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian, Washington DC.
  • Natural History Museum: Dino Directory
    This site from the London museum allows you to look up a dinosaur by time period and continent. It is a guide to 127 of the most well-described dinosaurs, including over 600 images.
  • New Scientist: Dinosaurs
    "In recent years a wealth of stunning discoveries have transformed our understanding of dinosaurs. Learn about some of these by clicking on the timeline in our dinosaurs special report." Also includes the latest news about dinosaurs.
  • Sue at the Field Museum
    Check out the largest, most complete Tyrannosaurus rex at Chicago's natural history museum.

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