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Happy 200th, Charles Darwin

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh presents a series of resources on or about Charles Darwin, in observance of the famed Naturalist's 200th birthday. These resources try to explore Darwin the individual, and are not intended to advocate for, or dissuade from one position or the other in the debate about Evolution, Intelligent Design, or Creationism.



Aydon, Cyril
Charles Darwin: The Naturalist Who Started a Scientific Revolution
QH31.D2 A95 2002x
A biography that explores Darwin's personal life, as well as the contributions that he made in various fields of science.
Berra, Tim M.
Charles Darwin : The Concise Story of an Extraordinary Man
QH31.D2 B47 2009
Based on the author's popular "Darwin Days" campus lectures at Ohio State University, this books offers a look into Darwin's personal life.
Browne, Janet
Charles Darwin: Voyaging
QH31.D2 B84 1995 vol. 1
The first volume of this comprehensiv biography, Voyaging, covers his early life and five-year expedition on the Beagle. Browne is an English historian of science and associate editor of Darwin's Correspondence.
Browne, Janet
Charles Darwin: The Power of Place
QH31.D2 B84 1995 vol. 2
This second volume focuses on the last half of Darwin's life (1858-82), beginning a year before the publication of Origin of Species and the tremendous controversy that it created.
Browne, Janet
Darwin's Origin of Species: A Biography
QH31.D2 B843 2006bx
Browne is an expert in Darwin-studies, and here turns her focus to Darwin's most famous work. She examines his process in writing it, the furor it caused upon publication, and the book's continuing impact today.
Contosta, David R.
Rebel Giants: The Revolutionary Lives of Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin
E457.2.C76 2008
Written to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin, this volume focuses on the enormous impact both men had on history, and how the world might have been a very different place if both men hadn't made their debut on February 12, 1809.
Darwin, Charles (edited by Francis Darwin)
The Autobiography of Charles Darwin
QH31.D2 A18 2000
Darwin's life and recollections in his own words, edited posthumously by his son. See also Life and Letters of Charles Darwin.
Darwin, Charles, 1809-1882
The Beagle Letters
QH31.D2 A4 2008bx
Charles Darwin's voyage on the HMS Beagle is a gripping adventure story, and a turning point in the making of the modern world. We follow Darwin's adventures as he prepares for his travels, lands on his first tropical island, watches an earthquake level a city, and learns how to catch ostriches from a running horse. We witness slavery, political revolution, and epidemic disease, and share the otherworldly experience of landing on the Galapagos Islands and collecting specimens.
Darwin, Charles
On the Origin of Species
Darwin's seminal work, of which there are many editions, in which he describes his research on natural selection and the theory of evolution.
Darwin, Charles
The Voyage of the Beagle
In 1831, Charles Darwin embarked on an expedition that, in his own words, "determined my whole career". The Voyage of the Beagle chronicles his five-year journey around the world and especially the coastal waters of South America as a naturalist on the H.M.S. Beagle. While traveling through these unexplored countries collecting specimens, Darwin began to formulate the theories of evolution and natural selection realized in his master work, The Origin of Species.
Desmond, Adrian J. and James Moore
Darwin's Sacred Cause: How a Hatred of Slavery Shaped Darwin's Views on Human Evolution
GN281.4.D47 2009
The authors hold that Darwin's obsession with human origins stemmed from his moral views against slavery and the importance of demonstrating the "common descent" of all human races.
Herbert, Sandra
Charles Darwin, Geologist
QE.D27 H47 2005
Darwin not only made huge contributions to biology, but also in the field of geology. This biography of Darwin focuses on his geological work, and explores how geology influenced Darwin's work in biology.
Keynes, R. D.
Fossils, Finches, and Fuegians: Darwin's Adventures and Discoveries on the Beagle
QH11.K49 2003
Richard Keynes, Darwin's great-grandson and editor of Darwin's Beagle diary, offers the first modern full-length account of Darwin's expedition around South America and on to Australia, New Zealand and Tahiti, with colorful details of life aboard ship and in the wild.
McCalman, Iain
Darwin's Armada: Four Voyages and the Battle for the Theory of Evolution
QH361.M37 2009
Award-winning cultural historian Iain McCalman (University of Sydney, Australia) tells the stories of Charles Darwin and his most vocal supporters and colleagues: Joseph Hooker, Thomas Huxley, and Alfred Wallace, who undertook their own voyages of exploration from Britain to the southern hemisphere in search of adventure and scientific fame.
Quammen, David
The Reluctant Mr. Darwin: An Intimate Portrait of Charles Darwin and the Making of His Theory of Evolution
QH31.D2 Q35 2006
The story of how Darwin finally published On the Origin of Species, after working on it for 20 years.
Thomson, Keith Stewart
The Young Charles Darwin: Influences and Ideas
QH31.D2 T44 2009x
Thomson, an emeritus professor of Natural History at the University of Oxford, analyzes the early intellectual influences on Darwin as a young man and how he developed his ideas on biology.
Whitfield, Peter
Darwin: in a Nutshell
(CD) QH31.D2 W4955 2009x
If you want to learn about Darwin quickly, pick up this 1-CD audiobook that presents a brief biography of Charles Darwin and an overview of his work.

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  • The Complete Works of Charles Darwin Online
    This comprehensive web site provides full digital reproductions of Darwin's published and unpublished works (with the exception of his unpublished correspondence, which has been digitized through the Darwin Correspondence Project). Features of the site include searchable text, a large photo library, and audio files.
  • Darwin Correspondence Project
    The Darwin Correspondence Project's online database contains around 14,500 entries. Some 5,000 of Darwin's letters are fully transcribed, while other entries provide summaries of the letters, biographies of the correspondents, and a bibliography of print resources.
  • Darwin Manuscripts Project
    A project of the American Museum of Natural History, this resource aims to "make the full literature of evolution available online within a historically and topically coherent structure." Articles can be searched by topic or full-text.
  • Darwiniana and Evolution
    This web site, managed by the International Wildlife Museum, provides information on Darwin and topics that are related to his theory of evolution. Articles range from the scientific to the personal essay and cover a variety of topics that include zoology, eugenics, creationism, and genetics.
  • Nature: Darwin 200
    This Nature news special provides continuously updated news, research and analysis on Darwin's life, his science and his legacy.


  • Black Holes, Beakers, and Books: A Popular Science Book Club
    Help us celebrate Charles Darwin's 200th anniversary this year at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh with some selections on evolution in this bimonthly book club that meets on Sundays.
  • Darwin Celebration 2009: A Pittsburgh Partnership
    Duquesne University presents local resources and events to help celebrate the bicentennial of Darwin's birth. Find information on events, lectures, and educational resources at institutions like the Phipps Conservatory or the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.