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Reference Resources
Almanacs, Calculators, How to sites


  • Fact Monster
    Formerly the Information Please Kids' Almanac. Check out this wonderful online resource for schoolwork. It's the kid's version of Information Please, which you should remember as a print almanac.
  • Guinness Book of Records
    Guinness World Records™ is the global leader in world records. Its categories include: Human Body, Amazing Feats, Natural World, Science & Tech, Arts & Media, History & Society, Travel & Transport, Sports & Games.
  • Information Please
    The famous print almanac also has a website. Browse or search their almanac for awards, festivals, recaps of the year. Check out reviews of the month in their annual review section. Search for a person or country in their encyclopedia, for a word in their dictionary.



Phone Numbers & Addresses


"How To.." Websites

    Step-by-step instructions on how to do just about anything, and buy the stuff you need to do it.
  • Find How
    A search engine for "how to" sites.
  • How Cast
    View "how to" videos on a multiplicity of topics.

How Things Work

  • How Stuff Works
    Articles on how many machines and natural processes work.
  • How Things Work
    A website by Louis A. Bloomfield, Professor of Physics, The University of Virginia, that answers questions sent in by readers. The questions are arranged by category.


  • Baby Name Train
    This site also gives the origin of names and their popularity. You can compare the popularity of two names.
  • Baby Name Wizard
    See how popular and common or unpopular and unique your baby's name is.
  • Behind the Name
    Allows you to search for or browse through first names, their derivation, and meaning. You can also check what names are currently popular in a variety of foreign countries.
  • Popular Baby Names
    Social Security Administration lists the top 10 names for the previous year and allows you to search for a name to see how popular it is.