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Pittsburgh Transportation

See also: Traffic & Road Conditions

Pittsburgh: A Crazy-Quilt City
Read this description of Pittsburgh by Ernie Pyle to get a sense of its topography


Public Transit

Southwestern Pennsylvania Public Transit Authorities


Intercity Bus Service

  • Greyhound
    Search for fares and routes throughout the U.S. and book onine. Greyhound Express offers wifi, electrical outlets, reserved seating and additional legroom (plus some $1 fares) to compete with Megabus.
  • Megabus
    Buses from Pittsburgh to Detroit, Cleveland, Washington DC, New York, Philadelphia, Morgantown... Fares vary by time of day. With a separate search you can get to other cites like Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New Orleans, Orlando, St. Louis. Read more about Megabus in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Taxi and Limousine Service


Air Transportation


Train Travel

    The Capitol Limited runs daily between Washington, DC and Chicago via Pittsburgh. The Pennsylvanian travels daily between New York City and Pittsburgh.