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Some Famous Pittsburghers

Pittsburgh is more than the boundaries of its city limits. Within Western Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh's influence has long encompassed "the Pittsburgh District." So, in creating a list of "famous Pittsburghers," we take the liberty of including a number of individuals, like Gertrude Stein, whose association may have been ever so brief (actually, she was born in old Allegheny and not in Pittsburgh) or like August Wilson, who has, in his adulthood, moved elsewhere. Whatever their connection with the city at the Point, Pittsburgh has, in some way, a claim upon these men and women, these sons and daughters.

Likewise, "fame" is relative. Few outside the region could identify Richard Caliguiri as the late mayor of Pittsburgh; yet, ten years after his death, his greatness, his humanity, still form the substance of an overheard conversation at Wholey's in The Strip. And the Pittsburgh of today would not be the Pittsburgh of today were it not for its mayor, David Lawrence. Thus, the technology of the World Wide Web builds upon the dictum of Andy Warhol--himself a Pittsburgh native--about everybody's fifteen minutes of fame by making that fame available virtually world-wide and in a flash.

Kurt Angle
Nellie Bly
John Brashear
Selma Burke
Richard Caliguiri
Andrew Carnegie
Rachel Carson
Mary Cassatt
Willa Cather
Roberto Clemente
Frank Conrad
Rev. James R. Cox
Isaac Craig
Zadok Cramer
Martin R. Delany
Annie Dillard
George W. G. Ferris
Stephen Foster
Henry Clay Frick
Martha Graham
Franco Harris
H. J. Heinz
Senator H. J. Heinz III
Henry Hornbostel
Cy Hungerford
Edgar Kaufmann
Michael Keaton
Gene Kelly
Kathryn Kuhlman
Samuel P. Langley
David Lawrence
Danny Marino
Bill Mazeroski
Sophie Masloff
Andrew Mellon
Danny Murtaugh
Mary Roberts Rinehart
Fred Rogers
Arthur St. Clair
Jonas Salk
Bruno Sammartino
Thomas Starzl
Gertrude Stein
William Steinberg
George Swetnam
Jane Grey Swisshelm
Robert L. Vann
Honus Wagner
Andy Warhol
George Westinghouse
John Edgar Wideman
August Wilson
Image of Pa Pitt