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"Domestick Economy"

From Cramer's Pittsburgh Magazine Almanack Extra,
for the Year of Our Lord 1811.

RAGS. Good children, prudent maidens, and industrious and thrifty housewives, we find, are paying more attention to the saving of Rags than heretofore; for the interest of their country requires, that that which is useful should be preserved. But there are still some people who neglect this important branch of domestick economy; who with a false pride assert, that it is mean forsooth, because they are called Rags! For shame, that for a name given to the principal article in the manufacture of paper, we should throw in our mite against religion and virtue, by preventing the printing of books for their promotion; or that we should forfeit our duty to our country, by throwing a bar in the way of its independence, in preventing manufactures.

Does your child want a catechism, spelling book, bible, &c. Rags will purchase them. In a small family, enough may be saved in a short time to purchase a family bible; which has been done at the Franklin Head Bookstore, Market street, where the highest price is given for clean linen and cotton rags, either in books or money. (Page thirty-one).

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