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Services for Teachers & Librarians

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh offers a variety of special services, materials, and resources for teachers and school librarians. Please ask the librarian at your Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh location for additional information.

Teacher Library Cards

The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh provides special "teacher cards" for educators working in Allegheny County. Please see our brochure: Get Your Teacher Library Card Today for more information on how to obtain a card, what you can borrow, where you can borrow it, and what other materials you can access.

Classroom Collections

Teachers are encouraged to request collections of materials for use in their classrooms.

Arranging Visits

Does Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh staff make school visits?

Librarians make scheduled visits to schools within their service area to tell stories and/or promote upcoming library activities. Librarians may also be invited to classrooms for curriculum-related storytelling, book talks, or as speakers to teachers or parent groups.

How do I arrange to bring students to the library?

The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh welcomes visits from you and your students. Please call in advance to schedule any class trip. Storytimes, introduction to the online catalog, guided tours, and a variety of other programs are available for your classes. For the Main Library in Oakland, you can fill out an online form to schedule a class visit.

How do I obtain library cards for my students?

Library cards are free to residents of Allegheny County. Please contact the children's librarian at a Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh location about obtaining cards for your students. If you are planning a class visits and would like your students to receive their library cards during their visit, please contact the Library in advance.

Prior to your visit, please:

  • pick up the applications for students
  • have a completed application for each student signed by a parent or legal guardian
  • return completed applications to the library