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Elementary School Lesson Plan
Love and Friendship


Jordan, Deloris
Did I Tell You I Love You Today?
(K, 1st & 2nd)
A mother describes the many ways that she shows her love for her child throughout the day.
San Souci, Robert
The Faithful Friend
(3rd, 4th & 5th)
A retelling of the traditional tale from the French West Indies in which two friends, Clement and Hippolyte, encounter love, zombies, and danger on the island of Martinique.

Additional Titles

Lloyd, Sam
Mr. Pusskins: a Love Story
Grumpy Mr. Pusskins hates doing ordinary cat things such as playing with his owner Emily but a night out on the streets in search of adventure makes him reconsider the advantages of a loving home.
English, Karen
Hot Day on Abbott Avenue
After having a fight, two friends spend the day ignoring each other, until the lure of a game of jump rope helps them to forget about being mad.
Kinkade, Sheila
My Family
Discusses how many families learn, love and care for each other.
Harris, Robie
The Day Leo Said I Hate You
Leo, upset that he has been hearing the word "no" all day, lets three words slip out that he wishes he could take back.

Vocabulary Word

weariness (noun)-the state of being tired (Faithful Friend) encourage (verb)-to inspire with courage, spirit or confidence (Did I Tell...)

"I Love You" from Around the World

French: Je t'aime, Je t'adore
German: Ich liebe Dich
Spanish: Te amo




My Friendly Heartbeat
Obtain cheap stethoscopes or make your own (tissue rolls).
Pair your children up and let them listen to their friends heartbeats.
Then have them exercise for a few minutes and listen to each other heartbeats again.
See if they can tell the difference.


Musical Hearts
Create large paper hearts.
Tape them to the floor.
Play music and have the children dance around the hearts.
When the music stops the children run to a free heart.
The child not standing on a heart is out.
Continue to play and remove hearts until one is left.
The winner is the child left standing on the remaining heart.