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Early Childhood Thematic Program


Stringer, Lauren
Winter is the Warmest Season
A child describes pleasant ways to stay warm during the winter, from sipping hot chocolate and eating grilled cheese sandwiches to wearing wooly sweaters and sitting near a glowing fireplace.
Rylant, Cynthia
Celebrates the beauty of a snowfall and its happy effects on children.
Van Laan, Nancy
When Winter Comes
Rhyming text asks what happens to different animals and plants "when winter comes and the cold wind blows."
Ehlert, Lois
Some children create a family out of snow. Includes labeled pictures of all the items they use, as well as information about how snow is formed.

Action Rhyme: "Walking in the Snow"


Let's go walking in the snow
Walking, walking, on tiptoe
Lift your one foot way up high
(hop on one foot)
Then the other to keep it dry
(hop on other foot)
All around the yard we skip
Watch your step or you might slip
(pretend to fall)


Song: "Dance Like Snowflakes"

sung to: "Frere Jacques"

Dance like snowflakes
Dance like snowflakes
In the air
In the air
Whirling, twirling, snowflakes
Whirling, twirling, snowflakes
Here and there
Here and there.




Use flattened coffee filters to cut out snowflakes. Decorate with glitter.

Dramatic Play

Indoor Snowball Battle
Use crumpled up paper to create several snowballs. Create forts with various furniture in the classroom. Divide the children into teams of two or three. Throw the "snowballs" and have fun.