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Music: Jazz
Early Childhood Thematic Program


Dillon, Leo & Diane
Jazz on a Saturday Night
Learn about this popular music form and hear each instrument play on a specially produced CD.
Ehrhardt, Karen
This Jazz Man
Presents an introduction to jazz music and nine well-known jazz musicians, set to the rhythm of the traditional song, "This Old Man." Includes brief facts about each musician.
Charlie Parker Played Be Bop
Raschka, Chris
Charlie Parker Played Be Bop
Introduces the famous saxophonist and his style of jazz known as bebop.


jazz - (noun) a type of music that combines blues, ragtime, and marching-band music, with origins in African music; unique because of the spontaneous improvisation



"Listen to the Rhythm"


Begin by clapping three times and having the children repeat after you. Next clap out a simple pattern and ask the children to repeat it with you. For example, two slow claps, two fast claps, two slow claps, two fast claps. Let a child set the pattern and have the classmates repeat it. Challenge the students by inserting rests (put hands in the air) into the patterns.


"Musical Scavenger Hunt"


Gather common objects found in a classroom (pencils, rulers, books, paper, etc.). Give each child an object and ask them to create some sounds with them. Organize the children into small groups and encourage each group to create a song. Allow each group to present their song in front of the class.


"Bag Shaker"

2009 Summer Library Program Manual

Have each child decorate a lunch bag with markers, crayons, or stickers. Have them drop a few pasta shells or dried beans in the bag. Fold the bag over twice and either staple it shut or use a hole-punch to punch two holes through the folds and tie it shut with a piece of yarn or craft ribbon.