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The Earth & Nature
Early Childhood Thematic Program


Ernst, Lisa Campbell
Round Like a Ball
Everyone tries to guess what is round and warm and cold and strong and fragile, until they finally realize it is Earth.
Walsh, Melanie
Ten Things I Can Do to Help My World
A reminder of the easy, everyday ways we can be kinder to the Earth.
McNamara, Margaret
Earth Day
When Mrs. Connor's class celebrates Earth Day, Emma decides to start small by recycling, using only what she needs, and picking up trash when she goes for a walk.


"Five Green and Speckled Frogs"

Five green and speckled frogs
Sat on a speckled log
Eating some most delicious bugs

One jumped into the pool
Where it was nice and cool
Then there were four green and speckled frogs

(Repeat in descending order.)

"The Earth Needs Our Help"

Sung to: The Farmer in the Dell from

The earth needs our help
The earth needs our help
Turn off the lights when you're done
the earth needs our help.
Let's pick up the litter. . .
Reuse and recycle. . . .



Object Play

  1. Introduce children to various objects in nature.
  2. Have the children feel the different textures of objects such as a feather, pinecone, rock and a seashell.
  3. Incorporate this activity into circle time.


  1. Using the letter theme "R", discuss the three R's: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
  2. On posterboard, draw a large letter R.
  3. Below, make a chart of the three "r" words.
  4. Make suggestion, cut out pictures or write examples of the three.