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BLAST Elementary Thematic Program
Mysteries and Puzzles & Secret Codes

(March, April and May 2013)


Mysteries and Puzzles

Recommended for grades K-2

Students will have the opportunity to solve the age-old question, "Who did it?" during this interactive program. By following a stream of clues throughout a story, students will learn what it takes to become a good detective and help solve a tricky tale! With all of their newly acquired investigation techniques, the young detectives will even get to create a mysterious puzzle of their very own for others to piece together.


Rinck, Maranke
I Feel a Foot!

Five animal friends, awakened by a strange noise, discover a creature in the dark that seems to be a giant-sized version of each of them.


Dotlich, Rebecca Kai
When Riddles Come Rumbling: Poems to Ponder

Readers will have plenty to ponder in Rebecca Kai Dotlich's entertaining riddle poems. From the ordinary to the extraordinary, clues abound in each rhythmic verse.


Yee, Wong Herbert
Detective Small in the Amazing Banana Caper

When shop owners call on Detective Small to track down a banana thief, he follow the clues to a likely suspect, then learns that the real culprit is still on the loose.


Secret Codes

Recommended for grades 3-5

"What is really going on here?" That will be the question most sleuths-in-training will be thinking during this mysterious program. Students will be given the opportunity to investigate clues left behind and attempt to solve cases using various methods of deduction. Can they crack the case? And what will happen when the tables are turned and they must create a secret code of their own? Throughout this interactive program, students will be given the opportunity to explore both breaking and creating secret codes.


Janeczko, Paul B.
Top Secret: A Handbook of Codes, Ciphers, and Secret Writing

From everyday codes and pictographs to encryption and concealment methods used throughout history, this handbook provides the necessary tools for every budding secret agen and cryptographer. And as you'll see, a duo of seasoned, sneaky spies is on the case to illustrate how it all works.



Adams, Simon
Code Breakers: From Hieroglyphs to Hackers

Provides the history behind codes and ciphers as used in spying, other types of secrets that can be thought of as codes, and explains how readers can make and use their own secret codes.



Scieszka, Jon
Spaceheadz: Book 1

First day in a new school, in a new town, with new kids. Can Michael K.'s life get any weirder? Yes, it can. Much, much weirder. How? 1.) Take three aliens disguised as two fifth graders and then class hamster who talk like walking advertisements. 2.) Add their mission to convince 3.14 million and one kids to say they are SPHDZ (or else Earth gets turned off). 3.) Mix in that they're sure Michael K. is the only one who can help! And yeah, Michael K.'s life is now officially, totally, completely weirder. (And this is only the first book.)