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How Do I Structure an Interactive Read Aloud?

Book Selection

  • Age appropriate characters
  • Multicultural themes and/or different cultures
  • Gender appeal
  • Values/moral lessons or themes children can relate to
  • Noted authors and/or award winning titles
  • Illustrations that are varied and have wide appeal
  • Vocabulary words to discuss and explore from text
  • Text, ideas, and depth of story that allow for discussion
  • DO YOU LIKE IT?! Children will feed off of your enthusiasm for the books you read!

Vocabulary Selections

  • Select Tier 2 words
  • Words that appear in the context of the story
  • Introduce word and definition before & during story
  • Retouch on vocabulary words at the end
  • (((Learn More!)))

Question Selection

  • Questions that will encourage critical thinking (How, Why, Where and What questions)
  • Questions that will allow students to make predictions
  • Questions that will help students draw conclusions
Ask questions when:
  • A character has expressed an opinion or feeling
  • The story has reached a point where a conflict has arisen is about to be resolved
  • Illustrations can contribute to discussion
  • There is a natural break in the story