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TIME for Kids Biographies: Harriet Tubman


TIME for Kids Biographies: Harriet Tubman
by the Editors of TIME for Kids with Renee Skelton


Open-Ended Questions

When working with an informational text in the classroom, it's helpful to use a KWL chart to introduce the topic, access students' prior knowledge, and review what they have learned.

Begin by asking the students what they already know about Jackie Robinson. Record this information in the "K" section of the chart.

Discuss with the students what types of things they want to learn about him. Record this in the "W" section of the chart. Knowing what the students want to learn can help you guide them through the book and focus on the information they will find most interesting.

At the very end, come back to the KWL chart. Give each student a post-it note and encourage them to write down at least one fact they learned by reading the book. When they are finished, the students can share their fact and stick the post-it in the "L" section of the chart.


Vocabulary Words

  • Courage
  • Abolitionist


Vocabulary Quilt

During slave times, quilts were created to tell stories and depict historical events that happened in a slave's life. Create an Underground Railroad vocabulary word wall in the form of a quilt. On each patch of the quilt place an Underground Railroad term such as, "conductor or safe hous." Have the students research a short definition of each term and illustrate each patch accordingly. For example, "Safe house - a place slaves could go to find food and shelter," could be illustrated with a house.


Journal Questions

  • What are three new facts about Harriet Tubman that you learned today?
  • Imagine you had a chance to meet Harriet Tubman. What would you tell her? What questions would you ask her?

Extending Books

The Patchwork Path: A Quilt Map to Freedom
Written by Bettye Stroud

Illustrated by Erin Susanne Bennett

While her father leads her toward Canada and away from the plantation where they have been slaves, a young girl thinks of the quilt her mother used to teach her a code that will help guide them to freedom.


Escape North!: The Story of Harriet Tubman
Written by Monica Kulling
Illustrated by Teresa Flavin

Escape North! surveys the life of Harriet Tubman, including her childhood in slavery and her later work in helping other slaves escape north to freedom through the Underground Railroad.


Henry's Freedom Box
Written by Ellen Levine

Illustrated by Kadir Nelson

A fictionalized account of how in 1849 a Virginia slave, Henry "Box" Brown, escapes to freedom by shipping himself in a wooden crate from Richmond to Philadelphia.