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BLAST® School Outreach Program: Bringing Libraries and Schools Together

Elementary BLAST®

Elementary Programs

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's BLAST® School Outreach brings public library programs and resources into Pittsburgh Public Schools. Since its inception in March of 2002, BLAST® has responded to the need for literacy enhancement in kindergarten through fifth grade.

The BLAST® Team:

  • presents dynamic interactive read-alouds of both fiction and informational texts.
  • models good reading techniques such as dialogic reading.
  • increases students' understanding of vocabulary.
  • helps children appreciate the joy that comes from discovering a good book.

The BLAST® Program:

  • Provides students with the opportunity to develop and enhance reading skills.
  • Generates more frequent student visits to the local public library.

BLAST® Elementary Programs

  • K-5 Thematic Program
    These bi-monthly thematic literacy programs are offered to K-5 students. Programs enrich student learning by presenting library materials and hands- on activities that support topics studied in the classroom.
  • Third Grade Interactive Read Aloud Program
    Currently offered to 20 Pittsburgh Public Elementary Schools (49 classrooms). Each classroom is visited about once a month. The visits consist of an interactive multicultural read aloud, rich vocabulary discussion, critical thinking questions, comprehension strategies, and a reflective writing activity.
  • Summer Extended Year Program
    This program takes place during the Pittsburgh Public Schools' Summer Extended Year. Each participating school is visited once a week for four weeks. During each visit there is an interactive read aloud, rich vocabulary discussion, critical thinking questions, a book exchange, and a membership in the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's Summer Reading Program. Incentives, including books, are distributed for achieving reading goals.
  • Pennsylvania Academic Standards the BLAST® Program Consistently Meets

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