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BLAST Early Learning
Real and Make Believe


The Hello Goodbye WindowThe Hello, Goodbye Window by Norton Juster
A little girl loves going to her Nanna and Poppy's house because their kitchen window is a magical portal to a world of discovery and imagination, in a delightful story that celebrates childhood and the love of family.

Hot CityHot City by Barbara Joosse

Mimi and her little brother Joe escape from home and the city's summer heat to read and dream about princesses and dinosaurs in the cool, quiet library.

You Are HereYou Are Here by Nina Crews

When the rain keeps Mariah and Joy confined to the indoors, they create a magic map and go on a fantastic imaginary voyage.




I like to pretend that I am a rose (cup hands)
That grows and grows and grows and grows.
(open hands gradually)
My hands are a rosebud closed up tight
(close hands)
With not a tiny speck of light.
Then slowly the petals open for me
(open hands gradually)
And here is a full-blown rose you see!



Oh I Wish I Were

Oh I wish I were a little foreign car
Oh I wish I were a little foreign car
I'd go zoom, zoom, zoom over the room.
Oh I wish I were a little foreign car.

Oh I wish I were a little piece of orange
Oh I wish I were a little piece of orange
I'd go squirty, squirty, squirty over everybody's shirty.
Oh I wish I were a little piece of orange.

Oh I wish I were a little piece of cake
I'd go yummy, yummy, yummy in everybody's tummy.
Oh I wish I were a little can of pop
I'd go down with a slurp and up with a burp.


Vocabulary Word:

Sizzling: extremely hot

Example: "Me and Joe on the front porch steps, cement steps, hot as a fry pa, sizzlin'." (taken from Hot City by Barbara Joose)



Follow the Leader

The leader child moves freely about. He or she may imitate animals, hop, skip, or whatever. The others must follow the leader and act as the leader does.

Guess What I Am?

Without saying a word, a child tries to act out the movements of some object. Suggestions include an airplane making a landing, a rooster strutting around the barnyard, a cement truck dumping its load, or a clock telling the time of day. The child may think up things to do, or the teacher may whisper suggestions.

Building with Sand, Mud, and Clay

Children use large muscles to build sand mounds with moats around them. Sand pies and sand forts can be built in a sandbox, on a sand table, or at the beach. Children may also use mud or clay to create structures and shapes.


Place some small objects on the floor. Ask the children to make believe their toes are little shovels, and have them try to pick up the objects with toes only. It isn't easy , but you'll hear lots of giggling and laughter. Singer, Dorothy G. Make-Believe: Games & Activities for Imaginative Play, 2001, P. 57

Obstacle Course

A small obstacle course in the kitchen, playroom, child's room or backyard is helpful for developing balance and coordination - and it is a source of fun and creativity. Singer, Dorothy G. Make-Believe: Games & Activities for Imaginative Play, 2001, P. 59



Sing-Along SongSing-Along Song by JoAnn Early Macken

A child sings along with the songs made by everyday sounds, from the chirping of a robin in the morning to the cooing of a baby sitter as she falls asleep in the evening.

I look like a girlI Look Like A Girl by Sheila Hamanaka

In her imagination, a young girl assumes many shapes and forms, from dolphin and condor to wolf and jaguar.


Clap your handsClap Your Hands by Lorinda Bryan Cauley

Rhyming text instructs the listener to find something yellow, roar like a lion, give a kiss, tell a secret, spin in a circle and perform other playful activities along with the human and animal characters pictured.

Snug in Mama's armsSnug In Mama's Arms by Angela Shelf Medearis

As she snuggles her daughter in her arms at bedtime, a mother describes how animals and children around the world go to sleep.