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BLAST Early Learning


Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep! by Maureen Wright; illustrated by Will Hillenbrand
As winter comes and Big Bear prepares to hibernate, he keeps thinking he hears Old Man Winter giving him exhausting orders that prevent him from sleeping.


Time to Sleep by Denise Fleming
When Bear notices that winter is nearly here he hurries to tell Snail, after which each animal tells another until finally the already sleeping Bear is awakened in his den with the news.


Open-ended Questions for Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep

  • (On the page where Big Bear is leaping) What do you think Big Bear will hear this time?
  • What do you think a “den” is?



Time for Sleeping
Now, it’s time for sleeping
The bears go in their caves
It keeps them warm and cozy
Time for lazy days
When the snow is gone & the sun comes out to play
The bears will wake up from their sleep
and then go on to play


Activity :

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt
Go to the library to check out the book or the book on CD to revisit this favorite action story.


Vocabulary Word:

steep: adj. tall hill
“Climb a mountain steep, Big Bear, steep.”
(taken from Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep by Maureen Wright;
illustrated by Will Hillenbrand)




Gummy Bear Sort
Give each kid a few gummy bears and then let them sort them by color before they eat them

Party Hat Match
Create about six to eight bears on boards. Have each bear with a different colored shirt. Then create hats the same colors as the bears shirts. The kids will love to match them up.

Bring Your Teddy Bear to Class Day
Have a day where children bring their teddy bears to class. You can then rank then have the kids rank them by height, weight, fluffiness, firmness, fattest,
funniest, etc.


Multicolored Bear
What You Need:
• Tissue paper, cloth samples, or construction paper
• Googly eyes
• Poster board or construction paper

What You Do:
• Have the kids put the different colored tissue paper (or
alternatives) on the bear shaped poster board however they want. You'll end up with multicolored interesting

Use a tent as a bear cave and talk about which animal we would most like to be. Make a chart with three columns: adaptation, migration, and hibernation. Then print out animal pictures from clip art and let the children choose which they thought it was. Since they only have to know the first letter even the three-year-old
nonreaders can do it.



Hibernation by Margaret Hall
Simple text and photographs introduce hibernation and how some animals prepare for and experience hibernation each year.


Bear Snores On
by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman
On a cold winter night many animals gather to party in the cave of a sleeping bear, who then awakes and protests that he has missed the food and the fun.


Old Bear by Kevin Henkes
When Old Bear falls asleep for the winter, he has a dream that he is a cub again, enjoying each of the four seasons.


A Bed for the Winter by Wallace, Karen
A dormouse encounters many different animals as she searches for a place to spend the winter.