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BLAST Early Learning
Gotta Be Me


I can do it too!I Can Do It Too! by Karen Baicker

Supported by her family, an African-American girl is self-confident about what she can do and in turn supports a younger family member.

Two Eyes, A Nose, And A Mouth by Roberta Grobel Intrater

Numerous color photographs portray a variety of faces and facial features.




I have ten little fingers and ten little toes...
Two little arms and one little nose
One little mouth and two little ears...
Two little eyes for smiles and tears
One little head and two little feet...
One little chin; that’s ME, complete



I Feel Many Different Ways

(Tune: Old McDonald)
I feel many different ways…
Diddly I, Diddly I, Oh
And feeling happy is okay…
Diddly I, Diddly I, Oh
With an oh wow here… And an oh wow there
Here an oh, there a wow… Everywhere and oh wow
Every feeling is okay…Diddly I, Diddly I, Oh

I feel many different ways…
Diddly I, Diddly I, Oh
And feeling sad is okay…
Diddly I, Diddly I, Oh
With a boo hoo here… And a boo hoo there
Here a boo, there a hoo…
Everywhere a boo hoo


Vocabulary Word:

Gleam: v. to shine brightly.

Example: "Some kids have teeth that gleam real white."
(taken from What I Like About Me by Allia Zobel-Nolan)



We all eat differently

Explain to a small group of preschoolers that not everyone eats with forks and spoons. Introduce the chop sticks and tell children they are used for eating. Let the children help put the cotton balls (pretend food) on their paper plates and ask them how they could use the chop sticks to pick up the pretend food. Permit the children to experiment with ways to pick up the cotton balls. Then demonstrate how they might pick up the pretend food.

My House

Use a milk carton cut in half and cover with colored construction paper. Have children add windows, doors, trees, etc. cut from the construction paper (or drawn on details) to resemble the child’s house or apartment. Have the children draw the member of their families on tongue depressors and place them into the house. When finished the children form a town and take their "family members" to visit other families.

Food Experience

Have parents share a favorite family recipe or tradition. Have parents come in and read to children.

All About Me Cube

Make a cube with heavy construction paper for each child in the classroom. Find pictures of all the people in the family in photo albums or in extra pictures around the house. Have your child help pick which pictures to use. Also have the child cut out the pictures if possible. Then glue the pictures in the box on the cube. After all the pictures are glued on and dried, tape the cube together and look at the finished product!! Have your child bring the cube back to school and share the pictures with the rest of the class so they can get to know your family too. *Can be used as an assignment for parents or in classroom *



Hokey Pokey: Another Prickly Love StoryHokey Pokey: Another Prickly Love Story

by Lisa Wheeler

After a series of discouraging dance teachers, Cushion the porcupine finds his rhythm with his true love Barb.


Happy to be NappyHappy To Be Nappy by Bell Hooks

Celebrates the joy and beauty of nappy hair.