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BLAST Early Learning



Yes We CanYes We Can! by Sam McBratney & Charles Fuge

Little Roo and his friends usually have a great time playing together, but not today. They are too busy making fun of each other. When everyone is left in bad moods, Little Roo's wise mother comes up with an idea that might make the threesome make amends.

Yo! Yes?

Yo! Yes? by Chris Raschka

Two lonely characters, one black and one white, meet on the street and become friends.





Friends at Play
One little child with nothing to do
Found a friend to play with
And then there were two
Two little children, playing happily
Along came another and then there were three
Three little children playing grocery store
Along came a customer and then there were four
Four little children with cars and trikes to drive
Along came a friend in a wagon, and then there were five.



Yes I Can! Song
(tune of “Where is Thumbkin”)

I can ________________
I can ________________
Yes I can! Yes I can!
I can ________________
I can ________________
Yes I can! Yes I can!

Fill in the blanks with the things that each child can do, and then sing together.   Repeat stanza as many times as you need to, so that each child has something on there that they can do.


Vocabulary Word:

float: v. to stay on the surface of water
without sinking

“ ‘I can float on a puddle,’ said Quacker Duck, taking to the water with ease.” (taken from Yes We Can! by Sam McBratney)



Math: Measure Me Friend
Pair your children up and give each pair string and scissors. Have one child lie down and let them measure how tall he is and then cut the string. Then let them switch. Later they can
compare their strings with their other friends.

Math: The Friend Like Me
Have your entire class stand up. Choose one child and name an
attribute of that child (brown hair). All The children with brown hair remain standing, while the others sit down. Next, choose another attribute and continue the game until you have the friend that is most similar.

Art: Friendship Quilt
What You Need: construction paper, glitter, glue, paint/crayons/markers, and various other art supplies of your choice
What You Do: Give each of your children a piece of construction paper and let them decorate it any way that they want. Connect all of the pieces and you will get a fabulous Friendship Quilt.

Art: Hands Wreath
What You Need: paper, glue, paper plate
What You Do: Give each of your children a different color of construction paper. Have them cut out their hand prints from the paper. Then have them exchange hand cut-outs and make a friendship multi-color wreath (by gluing hands on paper plate). This is a great way of showing that you can put the works of different people together to make something fabulous.

Science: Flower of Friendship
Pair your children up and give each pair a flower. Next have them split the stem lengthwise (or if they’re too young do it for them). Let each child pick a separate color. Put the two stem sides in different cups of colored water and watch a friendship flower appear.

Science: Fingerprint Comparison
Let the children see that their fingerprints are different from their friends by letting them look at their fingerprints under a microscope.




I Saw an Ant on the Railroad TrackI Saw an Ant on the Railroad Track

by Joshua Prince; illustrated by Macky Pamintuan

Jack, a railroad switchman, frantically tries to save an ant who is heading east on a westbound track, straight into the path of an oncoming freight train.


My Friend Rabbit

My Friend Rabbit by Eric Rohmann          

Something always seems to go wrong when Rabbit is around, but Mouse lets him play with his toy plane anyway because he is his good friend.


Do you want to be my friend

Do You Want to Be My Friend? by Eric Carle

A mouse searches everywhere for a friend.



Rainbow FishThe Rainbow Fish

by Marcus Pfister; translated by J. Alison James

The most beautiful fish in the entire ocean discovers the real value of personal beauty and friendship.