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BLAST Early Learning


Leaf Man

Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert
A man made of leaves blows away, traveling
wherever the wind may take him.



Fletcher and the falling leaves Fletcher and the Falling Leaves
by Julia Rawlinson; illustrated by Tiphanie Beeke
When his favorite tree begins to lose its leaves, Fletcher, the fox, worries that it is sick, but instead a magical sight is in store for him.




5 Little Leaves

Five little leaves so nice and bright
Were dancing about on a tree one night
A breeze came blowing through the town
And one little leaf came tumbling down
Four little leaves…
Three little leaves…
Two little leaves…
One little leaf…



Autumn’s Here
Sung to "Where is Thumbkin?"

Autumn’s here
Autumn’s here
Yes it is
Yes it is
We can see the leaves change
Then they fall on the ground
Blow away
Blow away



Vocabulary Word:

breeze : n. a light or gentle wind

“Maybe Leaf Man’s gliding on a lake breeze…”

(taken from Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert)



Math: Leaves in the Trees

Make large leaves with yarn loops to hang on your arms. Then put 2 leaves on your arms, and the rest on the floor. Ask the students how many leaves are “in the tree,” and how many are on the ground. Then let them count how many leaves there are in all. Be creative and make up your own math problems for them to solve!

Art: Marble Leaf Painting
What you need: marbles, tempera paint (red, yellow, orange, and brown), shoe boxes, card stock, and a leaf pattern.

What you do: Cut large leave shapes out of 8 ½ x 5 ½ cardstock paper. Give one to each child. Put the leaf shape into the bottom of a shoe box or shoe box lid. Squirt 2 or 3 colors of paint onto the inside end of the shoe box. Drop in 2 or 3 marbles, and let the children roll the marbles around by tilting the shoebox in different directions. The finished product should be beautiful multicolored leaves, and each one will be individual.

Science: Autumn Breezes
What you need: construction paper, scissors, and feathers

What you do: Discuss autumn breezes with the children. Spark interest with questions such as: “How does a breeze feel? How does the wind feel? If you were an autumn breeze, what would you like to push, lift, or blow against?” After the breeze discussion each child chooses a feather and a sheet of construction paper. The children fold their papers in half. They stand up, drop their feathers, and create a breeze by waving their papers. Who can keep the feather up? Try it with a leaf, a cotton ball, a balloon, a tissue, a paper cup, paper, and/or a fan. Which falls quickest?

Science: Changing Tree
Put up a tree in your classroom. Over time change a few leaves a day to orange and brown. See how long it takes for your children to notice.




How do you know it's fall?

How Do You Know It’s Fall? by Allan Fowler
Presents the many signs of fall, including geese flying south, squirrels hiding acorns, and people playing football.



Leaf JumpersLeaf Jumpers by Carole Gerber; illustrated by Leslie Evans

Illustrations and rhyming text describe different leaves and the trees from which they fall.



Autumn LeavesAutumn Leaves by Ken Robbins
Examines the characteristics of different types of leaves and explains how and why they change colors in the autumn.


Crafts to Make in the FallCrafts to Make in the Fall
by Kathy Ross; illustrated by Vicky Enright

Presents twenty-nine easy-to-make craft projects with autumn themes, including a fall tree lapel pin, a crow rod puppet, and a soft sculpture pumpkin.