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BLAST Early Learning
Parent Spotlight

There are many ways to assist your child to prepare for school. Many of the items listed you probably already accomplish.

The main focal points of early learning are as follows:

  • Phonological Awareness - the ability to hear and manipulate the smaller sounds that are found in words
  • Vocabulary Fluency - knowing the names of things, allows a child to better acquire skills needed to read and increases a child's ability to express him/herself orally and in print
  • Print Motivation - a child's understanding that written language has meaning and enjoyment in sharing books and making trips to the library
  • Narrative Skills - the ability to understand and tell a story in proper sequence
  • Letter Knowledge - understanding that different letters make different sounds and that each letter has a name
  • Print Awareness - learning that writing in English follows basic rules such as text flows left to right and top to bottom, and books have fronts and backs and tops and bottoms

Listed are some activities you can accomplish at home or on outings.